The Major Homunculus Update [Its Coming Soon!]

The Major Homunculus Update [Its Coming Soon!]

Knightly Gaming’s notes: Com2us has come out with the 3rd developers note for the new update and it looks awesome! The new runes are all 2-sets, but their effects work for the entire group and STACK! Additionally, these runes are crafted, which means we might have a lot more freedom to optimize the perfect runes.


On top of new runes, the new Homunculus monster looks very interesting! Homunculus are crafted with ability materials from the new rift raids just like the new runes, but they are different than regular monsters because you can choose between different ability sets!

You may craft up to 3 different Homunculus (Fire, Water, and Wind), and the specific ability path you choose can be reset afterwards if you change your mind. This update looks fantastic, and I’m excited for the release this week!

For the developers note, click here. It will give you all the stats and details of the Homunculus.

For some major discussion, be sure to check out the Reddit thread.

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