The Next Big Thing for SW via Reddit(Posted by Sorator)

The Next Big Thing for SW via Reddit(Posted by Sorator)

So guys and gals, Com2us has been teasing us about Rift of Worlds. It looks like we will be getting this update for Christmas. πŸ™‚

Here is a brief translation from the Reddit community(posted by sorator). I highly suggest you check out the discussions there.

World Boss

  • Basically a bigger, older Giant
  • It respawns 6hrs after being defeated (presumably independent for each server).
  • You pick 20 mons to use, and they fight on auto
  • Either the summoner must be lvl 30 to start participating in the battle and can do so once per day, or only lvl 30+ mons can be selected for the battle and each mon can only be used once per day; not sure which. (They said something like “lvl 30 monsters can participate once per day” which, knowing their penchant for mistranslation, could’ve meant either one. I’m guessing the former.)
  • You’ll receive a ranking based on the damage you deal. SSS (> SS > S ?) > A > B > C > F
  • Your ranking determines the quality and quantity of your reward; SSS gets 8 items.
  • Rewards can include Devilmon, L&D scrolls, and Legendary scrolls (all of which are quite rare), and also Mystical scrolls, Mana, Essences, and possibly more.
  • They wanted to ensure the World Boss wouldn’t be stressful, and that you would be rewarded as you progress in the game and your team of mons gradually grows.

Rift of Worlds – Raids

  • Team of three summoners, 6 mons each, fight a three-headed dragon
  • Auto-battle mandatory
  • Each summoner hits a separate dragon head, which have separate attack bars but share a common health bar
  • Your leader bonuses will be shared with your teammates
  • Likewise, harmful effects on one head will affect the other two heads as well. As such, debuffs are important!
  • Frontline/backline – mons in the frontline get focused and take more damage than those on the backline. The more and the tankier mons in the frontline, the less damage the backline will take. Frontline/backline have four slots each, so you have some choice in 4/2 vs 3/3 vs 2/4.
  • Damage from each player is ranked in real-time during the battle
    • They did not say whether or not your damage ranking affects your rewards.
      • It wasn’t in the subtitles, but according to /u/kyubez they did say that the rewards are equal for the three players regardless of damage.
  • Sliding left/right shows you the battle of your allies
  • You can see each others proposed teams while setting up, and can see individual information on a specific ally mon including rune builds. You’ll also have a chatroom for your party to coordinate. (This way you can ensure you have the various debuff bases covered.)
  • From the gameplay video they showed, it looks like the dragon has two normal skills (though I don’t think we saw it use the second one at all?), one counter thingy of some kind (counting up as the battle went on, probably counting player attacks but I’m not sure), and one other passive.
    • The boss also had a cutscene attack thingy at one point (I think when the counter reached 12? Maybe?), pausing the players’ attacks and playing a cutscene where it jumped into the sky and breathed fire onto the teams for multi-hit damage to everyone. As such, I’m guessing that counter is shared between all three heads.
    • Looks like when a debuff is applied to one head, it gets applied to all three, and then they tick down separately for each head and those heads take their turns. (Remember, each head has its own separate attack bar.)

Enchantment & Raids Rewards

  • Raids rewards include Enchantment materials
  • Grindstone – lets you boost your runes’ substats
  • Gem that lets you change a rune’s substat, including some stats that you haven’t seen before
  • There will be a dev note on Enchantment in the future for more detailed discussion
  • Enchantment is supposed to help you get those perfect runes that late-game players are hunting for


  • Cosmetic changes to the way monsters look
  • No effect on a mon’s stats or skills
  • Different versions will be released over time, not all at once
    • They showed some “mechanic” (but they may have meant “mechanical” or “mecha”? Looked more like that to me) and “band” (like marching band) alterations to some mons; probably safe to assume those are going to be the first sets released.
  • This will include the option to revert an awakened monster to its unawakened appearance. (didn’t say if that will be on release or added later)

Update Timing and 2016 Plans:

  • This update should go out sometime in December this year.
  • There will be more to the Rift of Worlds than just this
  • There will be 5 dungeons in the Rift of Worlds, one for each attribute. (not sure if on initial release or to be added sometime next year)
  • Next year, there will be an arena renewal
  • Arena will become
    • Real time
    • Cross-server, or have cross-server options/modes
    • Possibly an option/mode for mons no higher than 3*

If anyone who understands the ending part wants to chime in with a translation, feel free! I’m guessing it was some kind of Q&A session, and since they did the subtitles beforehand and not live, there weren’t any subs for that.

Edit: Here’s some info from the Q&A afterward, via this vid (com2us community manager gave info to a youtuber)

  • Arena replay is difficult and not planned.
  • Violent coding is working properly (not proccing more often than it should on arena defense), but they may continue tweaking it.
  • Devilmon may show up in the guild shop, Rainbowmon may show up in the glory shop.
  • They’ll send out a gift to everyone when the update goes live.

And some more from this comment:

  • Rune lock isn’t planned because it clutters the UI
  • Violent runes are working as intended, and a plain nerf is unlikely
  • Devilmon/rainbowmon will not crossover from guild to glory or vice versa, because they want the shops to remain different (contradicts the above)
  • AI tweaks will continue

From this comment:

  • New fusion will be fire and will be released mid-2016
  • Violent runes aren’t going to be changed or nerfed (somewhat contradicts the above)


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