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Top 10 Best Summoner's War Events

Top 10 Best Summoner's War Events

#10: Free Rune Removal Heck yeah I’m gonna put FRR on the list, I like this event more than you think. The name speaks for itself: On the first Saturday of every month (Unless the month begins on a Saturday), runes will cost 0 mana to remove. This is wonderful for everyone, especially end-game players. On Free Rune Removal day, they’ll get a chance to try a new build for their monsters or remove some bad runes they’ve been meaning to remove. Free Rune Removal is simple, but sweet.

#9: Train Your Monster

Pop open the Double EXP Boosters, get those Rainbowmons ready for evolving, because when it’s time to start evolving and leveling up stuff during this event, you ain’t gonna want to stop! You get points when you evolve and max out monsters, and when you get a certain amount of points, you can get a Mystical Scroll. I’ve done a bit of research, and the latest Train Your Monster Event as of this writing had these amount of points for each certain monster: 2 points for maxing out a two star monster 5 points for maxing out a three star monster 15 points for maxing out a four star monster 40 points for maxing out a five star monster 100 points for maxing out a six star monster Also, for every exchange you did for a Mystical Scroll in the latest event gave you additional prizes. The first exchange gave you 100 energy, the second one a 3 star Rainbowmon that was maxed out along with a 12 hour Double EXP booster, and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, I put this one pretty low on the list because I’m not one of those people who always have a double EXP booster on hand, which meant I rarely maxed out anything over four-star monsters.

#8: Post-January 2017 Hall of Heroes

I put pre-January 2017 Hall of Heroes at number 1 on my previous article, and it seems I’ve gotten a lot of heavy backlash over it. I do agree with some of the arguments that people made, talking about how monsters that are skill-up heavy depend on these Hall of Heroes and hey, free material to six-star stuff! As a terrible middle-game player, though, this event to me and most likely a lot of people was just a waste of our weekend and our energy. Therefore, when I rejoined and when I heard about the new Hall of Heroes, it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Finally, us early-game players could participate in this event and get awesome monsters of our own! While I’m part of the minority, the people who are shouting “But the skill-ups!” are honestly right. When you’re end-game, you’re not concentrating on getting just one of the monsters – you want at least eleven or twelve so that a specific monster could get maximum skill-ups. This new Hall of Heroes locks us out of any more than five, ten if you buy Almighty Summoning Pieces at the Guild Shop. To all those out there who are upset over me putting pre-January 2017 HoH as the worst event over: I apologize. Your arguments about skillups are right.

#7: Ellia’s Sky Island Trip

Free Light and Dark Scroll! For eight days, Ellia gave you a set amount of missions every day. For example, for day 1, you had to power up a rune 5 times (Didn’t matter if it succeeded or failed), enter the arena 5 times, use a rep or mentor once, and use 50 energy. Your reward for completing all of these missions was 100 energy. Even after day one, the rewards were generous. Day two gave you a Mystical Scroll, day four 100 crystals, day five 50 summoning stones, and day eight was what rewarded you with the light and dark scroll. You would get over 300 energy in total if you completed the missions, not counting the energy spent to finish these missions. This event got a little confusing/difficult at times because of their wording (Complete a 5★+ evolution only meant that the bare minimum you had to evolve a monster to was five stars, and not that you had to six-star someone.) but once you figure it out, it’s all a breeze from there.

#6: 3rd Anniversary Coin Event

Wow, a way to get Legendary Scrolls that doesn’t include Trial of Ascension? As a person who hates Trial of Ascension because I can never get past Lora and Charlotte, this event was super great. You could collect a maximum of 9999 coins by just going about, doing your regular stuff in the game. Every arena wing you used gave you 3 coins, and every energy you used meant you earned a coin, so if you were to enter the World Boss just once; you’d automatically earn 10 coins. It was just super easy to get coins. Summon at least a three star monster (up to 20 times in total), 50 coins. Check in once a day, 50 coins. The prizes you got were great, too. On top of being able to spend 2000 coins to get a Legendary Scroll once, you could get 50 energy for 50 coins once a day, up to three Mystical Scrolls for 300 coins in total, the ability to craft runes up to 10 times (The first craft free) and even a maximum of 3 Reappraisal Stones. This was around the time that Reappraisal Stones were fairly new, so to the people who couldn’t buy the monthly packages; this was the temporary way to see for themselves what they were like.

#5: Special Quiz Event

The one finals exam you’re probably not going to freak out over. This is another one of those “complete these missions every day” events. After you complete a certain set of missions that you can do within five minutes, like entering the arena 10 times, you’ll get a Quiz Ticket. You can get up to four quiz tickets a day, and with these tickets, you can be quizzed on a basic question about Summoner’s War. One of the questions that I remember is “Lushen throws business cards when using his ‘Amputation Magic’ skill” I was super stoked about getting my new Lushen, so I was obviously able to answer that one correctly. There are a couple of poorly-worded questions, such as “praying to the Arena tower” but thankfully there were multiple people that posted the answers to all the questions. I was one of those people who only needed it maybe twice, though. After you answered the questions, they would count towards prizes, such as when you answered 30 questions, you’d get a fire scroll, wind scroll and water scroll. I also remember that if you summoned 10 3 star monsters, you’d get five quiz tickets and three Mystical Scrolls.

#4: All-Attribute Weekend

Wait, you mean I have a chance to finally get enough essences to awaken both Veromos AND Ritesh and all I have to do is start grinding when the dungeons open and don’t stop until Sunday night? Sign me up! Another simple but sweet one that can be described from looking at the title.  Since Friday and Saturday never have elemental dungeons open, once a month, Com2uS would release all five of the elemental dungeons for the weekend. For all the people that missed their day to get essences/find that secret dungeon they really need, this is their chance to redeem themselves! The reason why I’m putting this one so high on the list is because it’s currently an all-element dungeon day as of this writing and I’m feeling very appreciative of this certain event.

#3: Piggy Bank Event with Good Neighbors/2nd Anniversary Donation Event

First of all: AHHH ADORABLE RICA – Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about the event itself and the meaning behind it. This was one of the events I missed, as it occurred during the time my tablet was dead and I didn’t have a new one, so I had to do a bit of research on it. Basically, it’s one of those refund events, only on top of getting your daily refund; you also get a piggy bank. When the server you’re on collects 30 million banks, you get a reward: 100 crystals, 12 Hour Double EXP Boosters and funds would be donated. “But wait!” You say to me. “Sara, didn’t you say that the refund events were one of the worst events? Why are you putting this so high on the list?!” Hear me out, I’m not done yet. You see, when Com2uS created this event (and similar events on their other games), they had paired up with a charity/company called Good Neighbors. Upon doing some research, I learned that Good Neighbors is building schools and classrooms for children in underdeveloped countries. Com2uS had donated both $10,000 worth of necessity items, such as mosquito nets to local children centers and another full $10,000 to support the construction of these schools. This event helped collect funds for Good Neighbors, so while the rewards in the game may have been mediocre, we as a community may have just helped multiple children around the world receive education. There was actually another event that was for a greater cause and was akin to the Piggy Bank Event, the 2nd Anniversary Donation Event: Because I couldn’t decide which one to put on the list, I decided just to add in both as one.

#2: Special New Year Lucky Dice Event

I’m very sad that I was unable to experience this event. This was during the time that my tablet decided that it hated me and slowly started dying, the screen refusing to turn on but the piano jingle that plays when my tablet boots up loud and clear, until it just flat-out gave out one day. I was left unable to play Summoner’s War from Homunculus being introduced to the Barque Hall of Heroes. During this event, you would do missions every day in order to get dice. When you rolled the dice, you would a certain number and you would go that many spaces on the board (e.g. getting a 2 would mean you moved two spaces) and whatever tile you land on, you’ll get the prize listed on that tile. In other words, it’s like the Wishing Well, but with much better RNG. Yes, it was possible to get Rainbowmon and crystals, and you got a Devilmon when you completed a lap around the board for the first time. According to my friend, it was great. (Please don’t rub it in my face in the comments, people. Please don’t.)

#1: Pretty Much Every Anniversary Event

When it’s time for Summoner’s War’s anniversary, you know you’re in for a great time. I’ve been around in time for the second and third anniversary, but because I was super early-game during the 2nd anniversary, I’ll have to talk about what happened during anniversary three. This one might technically be considered cheating, as they’re basically a bunch of events smushed into one big bundle, but whatever, it’s my article, my rules. During this anniversary, there was the coin event (which got talked about earlier in the article), burning time/double burning time events, -mon dungeons open, making a wish five times a day, daily energy reward, unlimited energy hour, double essence time, and, of course, anniversary Hall of Heroes. They actually created a schedule for all the events, as you can see here: With that done, let’s go into a bit of detail about each event. Some of these are pretty simple, such as double essence, unlimited energy hour and burning time, so I’ll try and keep those brief. Unlimited energy hour is just what it says: At a certain hour one day, nothing will cost any energy, with the exception of Trial of Ascension and, if I’m right, Dimensional Rifts. Double essence hour is akin to unlimited energy hour, where during the hour that the event is taking place, you’ll be able to get twice the amount of essences in the Hall of Magic and Elements than any other time. Burning time is sort of like this. During certain hours, there will be either a double mana stone or double EXP on whatever you do. Think of it like popping a Double EXP booster, only it lasts for one hour and doesn’t cost you anything. Double Burning Time is just an hour of when both the double EXP and mana are going at the same time. The -mon dungeons are dungeons that only get opened during events. You can get Angelmon, Rainbowmon and Devilmon from them, and the only -mons I don’t think have a dungeon are King Angelmon and Light and Dark Angelmons. Making a wish five times a day is self-explanatory; instead of our normal one wish a day, we’d get five wishes a day. The daily energy reward is also self-explanatory: if you’ve logged in and are playing when a certain hour hits, you’ll get a set amount of energy in your inbox. Anniversary Hall of Heroes, however, is a little different than the regular Hall of Heroes you may know. Com2uS will rerelease five previous Hall of Heroes, one for each element, and you get to choose which Hall of Heroes you’re going to enter, and you can’t back down from your choice. This one was pretty tough for me, as there was a Draco and a Dias Hall of Heroes. On one hand, hey, free Dias, but in the other hand, I fed my Draco away when I was young and stupid, and this was a possible chance for me to earn him back. Spoiler alert: I don’t have Draco back. Because of all these events, you were guaranteed to have nonstop fun whenever you were on the game! Of course, there are much more events that are great, but I consider these the best. Please keep in mind that these are all my opinion, like always, and if you think I missed a great event, please feel free to put it in the comments! I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next Top 10 List.]]>