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VAMP IT UP Childish Challenge (C²) [Participate Now for Prizes!] – (Challenge Ends September 27th)

VAMP IT UP Childish Challenge (C²) [Participate Now for Prizes!] – (Challenge Ends September 27th)

“VAMP IT UP” ChildishPlays Challenge (C²)

The EpicFail Community has officially challenged the SW Youtube/Streaming Community! SW Youtubers/Streamers: Take on the Ice Beast and Fire Beast stages of Rift of Worlds using units that do not have any Aoe Heals, Aoe Heal Passives or Aoe Heal Buffs. AUTO MODE – not manual! 😉 The winner of this challenge will receive a $50 GiftCard (iTunes/GooglePlay) with the HIGHEST COMBINED SCORE between both zones. 2nd / 3rd Place will receive a 30$ Giftcard . Subscribers: Leave a comment below if you think The EF Community will win the challenge or the SWYS Community will win and if you are iOS / Andriod. (EX. “ EF Community – iOS”). There will be a $15 Giftcard Giveaway at the end of the week for all the subscribers that posted on THIS VIDEO!


1. This challenge prohibits the use of any unit with an AOE Heal Mechanic – This includes passives. (No Aoe Healers, No Aoe Heal over Time buffs, No Aoe Heal Passives) Vampire Runes are the only exception to increasing the survivability for your units. These 2 runs will have to be done in auto mode! sorry for the confusion 2. Your team composition and strategy will be unique in nature; therefore you will be able to use 2 different teams for each stage, however it will NOT be a requirement to showcase your rune builds as that will give away the strategy for a participant that may submit later 3. The participant will upload one video via youtube/twitch containing all both RoW Clips. The participant will paste a link of the video in the comment section of THIS VIDEO. The participant will list the combined scores of both dungeons. (EX. 4,680,087 points ) 4. The Title of the Video must contain the following, “Vamp it up Childish Challenge ” 5. You have 4 days to submit the video. ( The challenge closes on 9/27/2016 @ 1200am CST ) 6. FAILURE TO FOLLOW ANY OF THE RULES LISTED ABOVE AND YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!

Things to consider:

– The participants can only submit one video and one video only. While you may choose to wait until the very end of the allotted time to submit your video, if you choose to submit within before arena reset closes this Sunday for Global Server (9/25/16 at 11:59pm). I will addon an additional $15 to any of the top 3 winners. Ex. 1St -$65 | 2nd $45 | 3rd $45 Who is eligible: – I am extending an invitation to all Established SWSA Youtubers/Streamers in the community only as there is a way for subscribers to win a giftcard. – If you have a youtube/twitch channel that was created yesterday containing only one video on it, then you are not considered “established” 🙂


Email me : with the subject line “Childish Challenge”]]>