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We can farm Intangible Artifacts very soon?! New dungeon Steel Fortress Abyss! – Summoners War Update

We can farm Intangible Artifacts very soon?! New dungeon Steel Fortress Abyss! – Summoners War Update

Developer’s Notes 8.1.5

– Abyssal Floor for Steel Fortress & Intangible Artifact added

– Share Sell Exclusion Settings feature added

The new update was just announced, and Com2uS has some cool things for us!

Also, they named the fastest players who reached the new max. Level of 100 of each server – congratulations from us to all as well, especially to Krisleshizle~ !!


The most exciting part of this upcoming game update will be the new Abyssal floors for the Steel Fortress, including a new boss mechanic, higher drop rates and the brand new Intangible Artifacts. Those will be very interesting and helpful to use the new but rare Artifacts more flexibly. As you know, the Artifacts from the Steel Fortress Dungeon can be equipped on the left slot as an Attribute Artifact, depending on the monster’s element. So we’re not able to swap the Artis between monsters with different elements. The Intangible Artifacts are elementless and can therefor be used on every monster’s Attribute Artifact slot – this is strong!

Especially in Siege, this can be very powerful if you get an insanely good Intangible Artifact that can be used on every monster. As for the Intangible Runes, there are limitations to the Artifacts as well. We’re not able to change the stats with the help of normal or special conversions, and a monster can only be equipped with one Intangible Attribute OR Type Artifact at the same time. Intangible Type Artifacts will be release at the end of December with the Abyssal floors for Punisher’s Crypt.

In the Abyssal Floors (normal and hard), Tormentor (the Steel Fortress Boss) will have an enhanced passive skill:

Thunderbolt (Passive): Whenever the enemy’s 5th turn ends, drops a thunderbolt on a random enemy to Stun the enemy for 1 turn with a 25% chance.

Attacks up to 4 times in proportion to the boss’ Attack Power, and the attack won’t land as a Glancing Hit.

In addition, recovers the boss’ HP by 10% whenever a Thunderbolt is dropped [Automatic Effect]

The last part is new: currently, the boss is not recovering any HP.

Of course , we’ll update our Guide once a good team for the Abyssal floors has been created and sufficiently tested. Jultan (Dark Werewolf), Gina (Dark Witch) and Zinc (Dark Living Armor) could be interesting picks in our opinion. Some of you might already use them in the B1 – B10 floors. We’re excited to see the team ideas of other summoners as well, so if you want to share your successful team for Steel Fortress Abyssal normal / hard, feel free to share it on our Community-Discord after the update.

With the new 30-times repeat battle feature, farming Artifacts in Steel Fortress will be simply relaxing. To further improve our idling experience, Com2uS will finally increase the max. slots for Artifacts, Conversion Stones, Gems/Grinds and Runes. Thank you, this is amazing! We can farm even more stuff before our storages are overcrowded, and we’re forced to roll and sell our runes for even more Manastones we’ll never need.

Another very cool feature will be the share-function for the Sell Exclusion Settings that were introduced last patch.

If you don’t want to wait until the next patch, you can also check some videos about this setting – for example, Seiishizo made a good one:

This new update is planned to be released on 29th November, together with the new Balance Patch. At the moment we still have to wait until the Siege Tournament is over before more information about the Balance Patch is release. We are looking forward to this new update and wish all Summoners good luck and happy leveling, if you’re still grinding your way to 100!