Ifrit Review – Fire / Water / Wind / Light / Dark

Ifrit are utility monsters with a base attack speed of 100. The review is not complete as the light Ifrit is not available yet. Check out the reddit DMD for Ifrit.

[Fire] | [Water] | [Wind] | [Light] | [Dark]

5★ Fire Ifrit => Tesarion

Ifrit Fire Tesarion Fire

How to get: Guild Shop with Guild Points

Awakened Bonus: Increases Effect Accuracy by 25%.

Leader Skill: Increases the Resistance of ally monsters by 41%.

Skill 1: Mega Smash: Attacks with magical powers and inflicts continuous damage for 2 turns with a 50% chance. The damage increases according to Attack Speed.

  • Lv.2 Damage +5%
  • Lv.3 Harmful Effect Rate +10%
  • Lv.4 Damage +10%
  • Lv.5 Damage +10%
  • Lv.6 Harmful Effect Rate +15%

Skill 2: Triple Crush: Attacks the enemy 3 times with magic and weakens the Defense for 2 turns with a 50% chance for each attack. (Reusable in 3 turn(s))

  • Lv.2 Harmful Effect Rate +5%
  • Lv.3 Damage +10%
  • Lv.4 Harmful Effect Rate +5%
  • Lv.5 Damage +10%
  • Lv.6 Harmful Effect Rate +10%

Skill 3: Ancient Power (Passive): Increases the damage inflicted on enemies with harmful effects by 20% and makes the enemy oblivious for 2 turns(Boss monsters excluded) with each attack. Passive skills aren’t activated in oblivion state. [Automatic Effect]

Awakened Stats

Stat 5★ 6★
Hp 8475  11535
Atk 549  747
Def 460  626
Spd 100 100
Crit Rate 15% 15%
Crit Damage 50% 50%
Resistance 15% 15%
Accuracy 25% 25%
Pros Cons
Defense debuff No area of effect attacks
Passive skill counter(great vs Camilla/Veromos)

Rune Recommendations[2/4/6]

Early Late
Swift/Energy (Spd/Hp%/Hp%) Violent/Revenge (Spd/Hp%/Hp%)


Dungeon:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Arena Offense:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Arena Defense:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Guild War Offense:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Guild War Defense:4 Stars (4 / 5)
ToA:4 Stars (4 / 5)

  • RysiozKlanu

    I think Oblivion means he can block verde, ahman or rina passive skills. Why only 4,5 in arena offence?

    • victor

      i think because no monster is perfect? i havent seen him giving a 5* rate to a monster.. and he needs help to keep him alive..

      • Spungie

        Raoq and Ramagos have a 5 star rating in certain aspects. I don’t know any others, but these were the first I can think of off the top of my head.

        • Magic

          lushen has 5*

          • speedofsound


      • Fyery

        Has 5 stars

      • anonymous

        Theomars has 5*

      • MondoGecko

        Tesarian does not need help staying alive. He is amazing as a tank/dmg dealer

    • Jacob

      He didn’t give him a 5 because he is countered by immunity.

    • GuJunPrinXe

      aside from the fact that oblivion could be blocked by immunity, tesarion doesnt have an aoe..maybe thats the reason why he is not rated 5*

      • Ryuujih

        Ramagos dont have AoE and is easly countered
        Raoq… foood
        IMO, Tesa is 5* arena offense!

        • Zelgiust

          I’d love to see you counter a 100% res ramagos.

          Ramagos can be countered indeed, but certainly NOT easily.

          • anonymous

            look at Trevor (fire neostone fighter)

          • Lillo

            oy bro
            you got the name wrong.
            a 100% res imprint a new name: ramaGOD

  • Midonaito

    great post but in the game , the third skill of ifrit fire is different, the damage increases by 20 % for each negative effect , and oblivious does not last one turn but 2 turns(boss monsters excluded to)

    • George

      it’s not for each. it increases by 20% if the enemy has at least one negative effect. wind increases by 20% for each effect

  • GzGlare

    he only heals himself for each debuff cleared not all team.

  • Lucas


  • Ophilias

    I’m currently working on a setup for Veromos with Energy runes with 2/4/6 of spd/hp%/hp%. Not sure how it’ll work, but hopeful. I’ll post more info once I’ve had some time to test it.

    • victor

      Who ever is reading this, veromos, need either swift or violent runes (swift is better) you want him to go fast to remove harmful effects.. why all energy runes? his 2nd skill will hit harder but he is not a nuker..

      • Anh

        swift and violent are both good, but if you calculate the turn that swift and violent give upon the life of a monster, violent gives more turns that swift.

        • NickatNite905

          While true, it may be easier for some people to farm good 6* Swift runes vs 5-6* Violent runes.

          • Rodrigo

            Don’t you farm 6* runes in the same place? What’s the difference?

        • Violent will give slightly more turns, but it will also mean that his first skill won’t hit as hard.

          • Jason

            Also swift is more consistent. When my team has lowered DEF I want that cleared ASAP, not hoping for two debuffs to be cleared whenever he gets around to it.

          • loli

            Veromos with swift and energy runes with SPEED, DEF% and HP%.
            Its so waste rune him with 2 runes of hp%, look he has a nice defence attributes. My veromos resist much better than my old veromos with speed hp% and hp%. Try it
            I hope this information will usefull.

            My Veromos have more or less 22K HP and 1500 defence and 212 speed and go fine!

  • Sonko/Gonogas

    How’d you get the light Ifrit picture? Look’s nice, but there isn’t one. xD

    • Zen

      You can see the light Ifrit picture when you view the user rating for any other Ifrit and go to the light element.

  • Diafon

    Why fatal on dark ifrit? He has no attack that require attack power…first skill depend on speed,the second on max Hp and the third is passive…I Used swift energy with 2 speed 4 hp 6 acc and i have 100% acc and he rock!

    • Marc~

      15% Accuracy for nothing. The opponent always have a minimum of 15% Res anyway. So might aswell stick to 85% Accuracy max.

      • XHunter

        Not hat would make it 15% chance to resist it and if that fails to resist it would do the same thing one more time.
        So basicaly 15% chance to resist twice

        • Lestat

          Nope, there is no second chance to resist anything. The chance to resist a harmful effect is the greater of 15% (basic resist chance) and res%-acc%.

  • Spungie

    Is Veromos worth the effort in fusing?

    • Xamu

      he is worth every energy and time

    • Definitely. Just be patient, though. Get the right runes (6* Swift/Energy or Nemesis, or Violent/Energy or Nemesis, with rune 2 speed, rune 4 HP%, and rune 6 ACC%) first, too, so he won’t be useless while you level him up.

      • Energy would be better than Nemesis, just by the way. And I don’t say Focus, because when awakened, Veromos already gets +25% effect accuracy. If you have a 5 – 6* no. 6 ACC% rune, you don’t need a Focus set.

        • loli

          accuracy for what? for stun and continuos dmg?….plx think a little…
          ACC for Veromos is so waste

          • Pallando

            Well I use Vero for gb10 and the +acc is a must to plant these cd’s asap.

  • Jellison Silva

    On Ifrit Water the passive of him does really ignore the element?

    • Nesrocks

      Yeah apparently when he is attacking all arrows must turn green regardless of enemy’s element

      • loli

        Sure i have him, One of the best attaker in game. Really….with rage runes its awesome….

  • nasttasty

    can you add basic stats picture in your review please ?
    i am too lazy to check it on my phone….

  • canza

    Why does it use Nemesis. I think it doesn’t have support skills. Sorry for my english skill.

  • just

    dark ifrit deserves a 5 on dungeon for sure. He makes TOA a breeze and is downright op for essence b10’s and giant b10’s for his leader skill and defense cleanse. Great for some arena comps also

  • LuciferiaV

    Why Nemesis runes on Veromos?
    I was under the impression that Nemesis runes aren’t very good, so I’m curious now. Noticed they’re recommended for a few other monsters as well.

    • Sids1188

      I guess it’s optimise as many attacks as possible for the passive skill – it’s a 2set so works with swift (I would think energy or focus would he better to help the second skill).

      I wouldn’t think violent would be a good option though. You’d want the de-debuffs spread throughout rather than all at once (which would waste a lot while leaving longer periods without the help) plus you miss out on the damage boost of swift.

      • Onidaime

        Violent procs also trigger the passive cleansing effect to the team and heal on Veromos, one of the reasons why I choose Violent for my Veromos. Now I’m torn between keeping Energy or switch to Focus..

  • LuciferiaV

    Also, why ATK% when Dark Ifrits skills scale off Speed & HP?

  • darius

    the damage proportion of speed and HP on Veromos is not that high, i tried mostly speed and hp and the damage is not that great. you still need to add ATK

    • LuciferiaV

      So, even though it says it scales with HP or Speed, it actually scales with both Speed or HP + ATK?

      • Hodric

        This is ALWAYS the case for every monsters, as far as I have tested. The fact that it gets stronger/scales with speed does not mean speed is the only status that is takes into consideration. It heavily depends on the damage “formula” the attack has. Taking the Epikion’s “Absorb Mana” as example, it kinda works as 30% dmg being HP based and 70% being ATK which is then added to the skill own multiplier. These numbers are only ilustrative, but its really easy to test this yourself, just wait for free rune removal day and test full energy HP% and fatal ATK% and you will clearly see the difference

  • Aram

    Tesarion must be a 5/5 on Arena offense, because he can block pernas, camillas, darions, verdes, diases, ahmans, rinas, and veromoses from activating their good passives, turning it into an arena BEAST.

    • Kazuki

      Hi there. What runes did you use then?

  • I would rune (water ifrit) Theomars with Violent/revenge speed/crit dmg/att, think about it, he can hit hard every single element so if he counter or attack multiple times would be a really big nuker with not much luck. Look for at least 76% crit rate on sub stats. I hope I’ll get the water when i summon ifrit

    • Lestat

      Speed on slot 2 is only viable if he is able to reach at least 200 speed in total (with leader skill/buffs/totem included). It is said that 200 speed is the breakpoint where a speed rune is more viable for monsters with speed-scaling attacks than an attack rune.

      So in short:
      if 200 speed infight with all possible buffs:
      go with spd/crit dmg%/atk%

  • Rudy365

    My dark ifrit is runed Guard Violent with speed/hp%/hp% and works extremely well, atm I am soloing magic b9 auto, giants b7 and water b9 too. His stats are 25k hp 150speed 1300def 50accuracy

    • Iangpillow

      Your Veromos stats are almost the same as my Lumi. I runed mine violent revenge with hp%/att%/hp% and he has around 20k hp and hits for 6k with his main attack (11k crits).

      • Onidaime

        Wow, 11k per crit hits? Can you please share a screenie of your Veromos’ stats? Cheers!

  • Light ifrot

    hey why don’t you update light ifrit. i have him lol

    • aaron


  • Iangpillow

    I runed my veromos violent/revenge with spd/att%/hp% and he works wonderfully. I use him on all my teams and haven’t had any problems. he has high crit substats and crits for over 3k (5k against light mons) with his first attack. I kind of ignored accuracy but he still gets a lot of stuns in arena and dungeons with his second skill. As far as people saying violent wouldn’t be good because you want the cleanse spread out, having violent makes him better for higher level dragons where you can get two or three dots on you in one turn.

    • Aria

      why revenge runes? wouldnt other runes like energy be better?

    • Rudy365

      Really man? My ifrit without any attack% rune main stat deals 3K on normal hit against level40mons in defense

  • RPS

    i used despair focus on my veromos lol
    always stuns
    with 2 / 4 / 6 spd / hp% / hp%
    i liked ^^

  • Szyszs

    fire ifrit oblivion works against chow passive?

    • Ziekedz16

      definitely 100%

  • I just fused my dark Ifrit and I’m runing him violent/energy SPD/HP%/HP%
    Hope to get to see the results during to HoH of the Wind Kobold Bomber

    • Onidaime

      We got the same rune build bro, believe me when I tell he works wonders at the Arena, ToA and Caiross Dungeons.

  • Alex

    Just wondering why Wind Ifrit wouldn’t be Speed/Att %/Att % with despair, especially considering her first skill is based on speed for damage. It seems like she could get a lot of stuns/kills that way with two AOE attacks, more turns, and higher attack %.

    Usually Acc% would be skill 6 but her leader skill kills the need for that.

    • hipster

      That’s exactly how I runed my wind ifrit.Gotta say it works pretty well.

    • Lestat

      It is said that a speed rune on slot 2 outshines an attack rune only when the monster reaches at least 200 speed infight (including all possible buffs). So as long as you can’t reach that 3x atk% would be better.

    • SolowStryke

      I runed my Akhamamir Rage/Blade with ATK/CritD/ATK on 246.

      It works great, i will change to SPD/CritD/ATK if i get enough SPD as substat to reach that 200 SPD mark.

      He hits for 8 to 15k with his basic attack and for 15 to 30k with his third. In a team with baretta and belladeon in AO the fight often is won after his first attack. Baretta´s dots and deff break with bella end in many onehits against any element except fire

  • Ziekedz16

    When I first got my Fire Ifrit I set him up with Violent / Endure runes. atk%, Atk % resist %. and he was so amazing. Can defeat monsters with Passive skills. That includes Dark Ifrit

    • Pallando

      You must mean +acc and not +res? In order to win, he must procc his oblivion onto the opponent using accuracy.

  • Alucard

    I runed my fire ifrit with violent/focus with spd/atk%/acc%. He’s at 97% acc right now. I just need a better rune for slot 6 and he’ll hit 100% acc. He’s awesome! With his spd being 144, his first skills hits over 3k. He’s 2nd skill is a little weak, but once I get a a better rune on slot 4, he’ll hit a lot harder. His passive skill is amazing! Love using him against those annoying monsters with annoying passive skills lol

    • Onidaime

      I just pulled a Fire Ifrit and I’m wondering if he’s best to set-up as an attacker or Support? And looking at your rune build, I might test him as an attacker with Swift+Focus first and see if that will work better than Violent+focus.

      • itachi

        Try Violent/Energy with Speed Substat (Atck or speed/Atck/HP).
        Commonly see in Arena/Guild Battle: (Veromos, Ahman, Darion). if Violent works you can hit Vero then Ahman at a time then kill Darion with all your might since he’s passive skill won’t work on him:).

  • KillerBeeSon

    So I just got the wind Ifrit…i have Desp/Foc with Spd/HP%/Atk% on 2/4/6. His skills seem so unbalanced with the first skill based on spd (#2rune) his second skill based on max HP (#4 Rune) and his 3rd skill based on harmful effects on enemies…all are 6* runes but doesnt seem as good as I thought he’d be. any thoughts or ideas or recommendations is greatly appreciated

    • KillerBeeSon

      oh and all his skills are maxed took all the 15 devilmons i had saved for a 5*summon lol…

      • Warryn

        Just forget about the second skill, use it just to stun enemies once in a while. I have Akhamamir, and I use rage/blade with 2 spd, 4 atk and 6 atk. First skill takes 4,5k without crit and 3 skill just cleans everything in the way, taking out like 4k or 5k per hit

        • Fabianz

          Go with atk on slot 2 instead of speed. I don’t know about non-crit damage because mine almost always crit. 1st skill does around 15k without def break and 30k with def break. 3rd skill does 15-25k without def break and 30-50k with def break.

          • KillerBeeSon

            i ended up going desp/focus with spd/hp/hp and im loving it….not only is he tanky but is a stunning machine with decent damage. Not sure why people dislike him but after that change he grew on me cant go wrong with it in my book

  • NxN Skabzz

    I’m pretty sure wind ifrit needs hp and speed, not attack. …. his power is not based off attack power it’s based off hp and speed and negative effects on enemies. So Aria on his team would be awesome too. I think he should have swift energy. And on 246 should be spd hp% hp% with hp spd and accuracy subs. You could also maybe have this setup and get crit rate and spd subs and switch slot 4 with a crit d% rune. I think those are better setups. ..

    • Fabianz

      Rage blade atk, crit d, atk all the way if you using wind ifrit as nuked. Don’t let the scale with speed and HP fool you. Atk is still the best for nuking.

  • NxN Skabzz

    Or you could do 2 rage sets and a blade set with spd crit d% and hp% with alot of crit r and crit d subs. Get a 200% crit damage and 85+ crit r% with that setup.

    • Nanasombría

      Wot? 2 x rage?

    • I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. 2 rage sets??

  • just visit

    Its funny that fire ifrit can block all passive except akroma’s passive

  • Why would Veromos need ATK%? His first active skill is based on speed, and his second is based on max HP. What would extra attack power do?

  • Reductant

    Tesarion and theomars ranked lower than wind ifrit, because they don’t have AoE? Wind ifrit is terrible in arena offense, probably the only correct place to use him is ToA. I’d rank him 3 in AO at most, 2 in AD and 4 in dungeons.

    Lack of AoE is not a downside. If Laika for instance was AoE DD, he wouldn’t be nearly as good, the current meta favors single target DD because AoE doesn’t have nearly enough killing potential, exception being lushen and katarina.

    I’m starting to think the writer of these review doesn’t clue on what he’s talking about, so many nonsense ratings.

    • Jean

      I agree with you that the writer of the review does not give good ratings on many monsters. It is really his 1 opinion . It should be just a reference and should not be taken seriously.

  • Reductant

    Not to mention that most of the rune recommendations are garbage. Do not follow them, especially for dark ifrit.

  • Ceilrex393

    Is it absolutely impossible to get fire/wind/water Ifrit from a mystical scroll or element scroll?

    • Nick.Nh

      Yep only from fusion for dark and guild point for the rest. Cant get them from any scroll

  • TaichiKamiya

    I runed my Water Ifrit with Violent + Nemesis but I am pondering on the 2 stats (1) SPD/ATK%/Acc or (2) SPD/Crit Dmg/Acc. Any thoughts?

    • TaichiKamiya


  • Jean

    You rated wind ifrit 4 on Arena Defense and water ifrit 3.5? Really? I have had no problems with any wind ifrit on on any arena Defense and I’m at rating 1400-1600. Not saying I’m good or anything but I’m saying the ratings are completely wrong or rather your opinion. Water Ifrit does way better on Defense than Wind Ifrit. Hope you adjust it because you’re telling everyone that is reading that wind ifrit is really good but it is not. Even with top runes it still falls short compared to water and fire.

    • Minowar

      Its probably due to the fact that there are too many good wind attackers around, making a water defense less effective

    • SolowStryke

      I agree that the passive of Theomars makes him better in AD than Akhamamir ist most cases, but if you manage to create a AD team with much cc and a spd leader akhamamir is able to outshine an theomars.
      Baretta lead for example works fine if your akhamamir is fast enough to attack before the debuffs are cleaned. (But the AI lacks this option several times using his 2nd skill instead of his 3rd 🙁 )

  • Theogratia Dinovan

    Hello guys, i think about how if Tesarion meet Tesarion on arena?
    Will the 3rd passive skill aren’t activated for both side?
    Interesting to find the answer right.. ^^v

  • Horst2000



    Huge Ifrit nerf incoming:

    Dark Ifrit (Veromos): Irift’s Conversion of Magic will be modified. Now the Conversion of Magic ability will remove one harmful effect on all
    allies every turn (inability effect excluded) and recovers HP by 3% per harmful effect that was removed by this ability.

  • Horst2000

    the incoming changes:

    Incoming nerf Water Ifrit (Theomars):
    King of Elements will protect of fatal damage (like fire Ninja I think). Elemental advantage is lost.

    Wind Ifrit buffed: additional damage to 30% from 20%

    • Inferno

      Elemental advantage is not lost, and it also protects u from fatal dmg 😀
      I just got one 😀

  • Maximum

    Is water Ifrit Change his passive skills?
    Anyone has any details?

    Sorry for my bad Eng. Thanks.

    • Inferno

      They buffed the Passive, now not only it gives you atrribute adv, but also makes you immune to death for 1 turn when you recieve fatal dmg

  • zsefer

    Hi, the wind ifrit 3rd skill now has 30% bonus per harmful effect

  • Hyoukakun

    Light ifrit????

  • Alaricw

    Can wind dragon reset the water ifrit’s passive? If yes, then water ifrit will be able to activate endure again.

  • good build for vero…quick and good for dots and using his passive,,,,Enrg/Focus(Spd/Hp/Acc) 😉 Golden

  • yerffej19

    Why would you rune Veromos with an attacker runes?

    Mod Edit*- Watch your language. One more mean comment and say goodbye.

  • Casper

    Wind Ifrit *** I’ve seen some runed rage and despair, which one is better? Or any other rune should I use. Disabler or damage?

    Basically, what’s the best rune for wind ifrit? I’ve tried despair already and not too happy. Maybe my combos are not really good. I’m open to suggestions. Thank you.

    • I have rage blade and love it, if you want a huge DMG dealer, use rage blade, if you want a stunner use despair blade. Either way 2,4,6 should be either SPD or atk%, crit dmg or rate, and atk%. Look for crit subs, speed subs

      • Elluzionz

        What kind of damage are you doing with rage blade? My goal is to be able to farm aiden forest. I saw a video of wind ifrit with Vampire blade (2%Atk, 4%Cit.Dmg. 6%, Atk) farming aiden forest. Can you farm aiden forest with rage blade build?

  • Midori

    Why is Tesarion’s oblivion not in the pros list? He’s basically the only one with such a skill and thats an incredible useful skill!

  • mog

    What exactly does making the enemy oblivious do? I’m really confused about that.

    • ByungChul

      –Late reply but just for those that look at the thread in the future–

      Oblivion prevents monsters from using their passive skills. So it stops Ahman from healing, Veromos from cleansing debuffs and Darion from reducing incoming damage (to give a few examples).

  • Pecaa

    Still don’t agree with the veromos spotlight. I think he deserves 5 for dungeon. Arena defense and offense is good on 4.5, but he is so versetile on dungeons. He is perfect for giant b10 and dragon b10 too, and basic toa monster. He is almost perfect anywhere. Only reason he is not perfect for arena, because he really lacks dmg if you build him “right”

    • Irreplaceable

      4.5 for Arena offence is not an accurate rating because he is not a damage dealer and doesn’t provide much utility in offence team where someone who is much better suited for the team could easily replace him.

      And it is not 5 for dungeons because in dungeons like the Necro, Wind & Light ele duns, Vero is a waste of slot.

  • Wendy

    what does AO and AD mean? i just got theomars this morning and i’m not quite sure if he’s a keeper or not. i want the wind one but they say that theomars is the best ifrit. how true is that?

    • Irreplaceable

      AO means Arena offence.

      AD means Arena defence.

      Theo is a linear damage dealer, works on ANY team because he doesn’t require any set-up, strategy/tactics. Whereas, Amir (wind ifrit) is a conditional Ifrit. He has potential to deal higher damage than Theomars if placed in a proper team.

  • So Light Ifrit doesn’t exist basically? I’ve never seen it in game and there is no pros/cons or rune builds for him….

    • Irreplaceable

      Yes he doesn’t exist. Yet. “Yet” being the keyword.

  • CyberDragon

    Why not put violent/shield on veremos seems perfect with spd hp% hp%

  • Ailuro

    Out of curiosity, where did you get elsharion’s skills and stats from since he is not playable on global yet? Also summoning method, confirmed?

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