Magic Knight Review – Fire / Water / Wind / Light / Dark

We are reviewing the latest new 4 star edition to Summoners War. She is very slow with a base speed of 89. [Keep in mind this review is based on skill analysis. If you have the monster and feel that he/she is underrated/overrated, let me know in the comments section. I will change it if you provide ample proof.]

[Fire] | [Water] | [Wind] | [Light] | [Dark]

4★ Fire Magic Knight => Astar

Magic Knight Fire Astar Fire

How to get: Mystical scroll, fire scroll

Awakened Bonus: Increase ability: Increases Attack Speed by 15

Leader Skill: None

Skill 1: Blade Surge: Attacks a single target for 2 times and then attacks all enemies on the 3rd attack.

  • Lv.2 Damage +5%
  • Lv.3 Damage +5%
  • Lv.4 Damage +5%
  • Lv.5 Damage +15%

Skill 2: Magic Surge: Attacks the target with 3 magic bullets and prevents the target from using skills with cooldowns for 2 turns with a 75% chance. The skill will also deal 30% increased damage on the enemies that do not have any beneficial effects. (Reusable in 3 turns)

  • Lv.2 Damage +10%
  • Lv.3 Harmful Effect Rate + 10%
  • Lv.4 Damage +10%
  • Lv.5 Damage +10%
  • Lv.6 Harmful Effect Rate + 15%

Skill 3: Vengeful Fire (Passive): Your Attack Speed increases as your HP gets lower, and you deal 50% more damage if the enemy has more HP than you. [Automatic Effect]

Max Awakened Stats

Stat 5★ 6★
Hp 6540 8895
Atk 613  834
Def 404  549
Spd 105  105
Crit Rate 15% 15%
Crit Damage 50% 50%
Resistance 15% 15%
Accuracy 0% 0%
Pros Cons
High damage – especially with passive in effect  Low base hp
Small aoe with 1st skill Squishy
Cooltime increase +2 Passive is conditional

Rune Recommendations[2/4/6]

Early Late
Fatal/Blade (Atk%/Atk%/Atk%) Violent/Nemesis (Atk%/Crit D%/Atk%)


Dungeon:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Arena Offense:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Arena Defense:3 Stars (3 / 5)
Guild War Offense:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Guild War Defense:3 Stars (3 / 5)
ToA:4 Stars (4 / 5)

  • Alex

    Well I’ll kick the comments off! Long term I want to build her with Despair/Revenge. Why revenge? Because her first skill is an AOE, and every time revenge activates will be a chance to stun multiple enemies.

    I’m thinking Speed/Attack%/Attack% as runes. With revenge as my 2 set I would need to focus hard on accuracy substats, which makes me think I woudnt be able to get enough critical rate to make Critical Damage in the 4 slot worth it,

    Anyway just wanted to say I think long term Despair/Revenge would be a great build for TOA


      Despair/Revenge sounds like a great setup! I just wish I have revenge runes worth anything. For now, it will have to be Despair/Blade.

    • BoB

      stun from despair can proc only on first hit, so no AOE stun with despair from 1st skill

      • Kakashi
        well the despair procs on aoe

      • Balti

        With despair runes: “Multi hit skills have a separate chance of activating despair stun on each of the hits.” Got this from wikia, so if that holds true then MK has 3 opportunities to stun first target and one opportunity for all other targets with each attack. With violent in the mix that you can have all of them snoozing before they even finish their attack. This is assuming that an update hasn’t taken effect to diminish the stun rate.

      • Krystedez

        I literally just wrote here to remind BoB and anyone else who thinks this that they’re wrong, stun DOES proc on third hit or any consecutive hit.

        Start at 7:40, it happens twice up until the 8th minute.

      • Shaknag

        I have Revenge/Despair on my Lapis right now and I can assure you that despair stun proc on first skill.

      • Delita

        Ur dumb I’ve stunned entire groups with it.

      • Marla

        But it DOES proc on the third hit

        • Kyle

          It only procs on the first hit for each mon, so first hit for main target and 3rd hit for the aoe’d mons.

    • Tomi94

      I think speed for 2 is not worth it. her base speed is low, and with speed stat (plus other’s substats) its wont be significantly high. She is an attack monster so 2->atk% 4->crit dam% 6->atk% (crit dam, acc, and hp subs plus speed is good).
      Well that’s just my opinion.

      • teguh

        Tested by someone on youtube, and stun does proc on 3rd hit and can stun monster other main target, so it is viable to rune her despair/revenge. On the video also test counter, from revenge proc stun on other target.

    • GuJunPrinXe

      stun basically has a chance to stun in every instance of a hit. For example, shimitae’s 2nd skill hits 3 times if im not mistaken. That means it will have a chance to stun 3 times. This goes the same with lapis.

  • JinKage

    Why normal/hard farmer ? 😀 she can farm faimon hell as well . ive seen some guy farming faimon with her without even awakening her so yea she seems to be pretty decent

    • Slejhy

      but then she needs godlike 6* Vamp runes

      • Mike

        the video he’s talking about uses despair. pretty sure they are still godly though

  • TaichiKamiya

    Currently I runned her with Violent/Nemesis with Atk%/Crit Dmg/Atk%. Later I might go for Violent/Revenge with the same stats.

    • TaichiKamiya

      Btw, am referring to the water MK here


    In my opinion, I thnk the light version is the best, but I am glad to have the water one, especially for free pretty much.

    Now if only Com2us will give us a 5 star fire hell lady for completing famion on hell difficulty…

    I can dream…
    I still do not have a 5 star natural summon…

    • Kyle

      Or just any 5 star mon

    • Duy

      Why you think the light one is the best? I just pulled her i dont know what to do with her

  • Erik

    I cannot try it by myself but i think that Dark’s 3rd skill is just overpower. Its like if u can use vampire runes on monsters with damage proportional to enemys max HP, but vampire runes doesnt work with those skills cuz thats gona make u inmortal hitting towers.

    So 3rd skill does damage proportional to enemys Max HP and heals 30% of the damage done to ALL party members. That means that if u take it against boss monsters in caiross dungeon, and hit the towers with tons of HP, it will hit like 50~100k (depending on build) and will heal about 15~30k to all the party members, that will make you inmortal against bosses.

    • Summoner

      Makes sense. Let’s hope someone can test it out.

    • BoB

      5 turns CD…

  • Boomer Shin

    The wind one seems like the ultimate stunner/support, with the disabilities. I want one!

    The water one, however, is the best Water stunner I have, and that’ll last untill I get a Water Sylph.

    Note: If you’re going to use a Magic Knight a stunner in the Arena, consider using Acc% for the Slot 6 rune. The Stun chance is just 25%; if the enemy is a bit resistant, the chances to actually stun will be fairly low…

    • Boomer Shin

      Actually, … the Water Magic Knight has *3* “area” skills, as her second skill may hit multiple targers, and 3rd skill hits all enemies. So, maybe, the Water one would be a better stunner than the Wind one… =P

      • Ju@nenriqe

        The MK water lacks of hp; wind one has decent hp i think its better forma stunning and CC cuz she endures

    • summoner

      You dont need accuracy for despair runes.. the stun from despair is unresistable.. stun from skills do need accuracy however

  • Siub

    I’m a little surprised the vote is so overwhelmingly skewed for the water Magic Knight. She’s great, and getting her basically for free is totally epic… but she’s my second pick.

    I haven’t gotten one and so haven’t actually tried it (so it might not be as good as it sounds) but I rather like the Fire one’s passive. MK’s are not tanks by any means, so her passive should increase her damage most of the time–a lot of stuff is going to have more health than her. Plus, their main weakness in my experience is their lack of speed… so her awakening bonus being a substantial speed boost is great. I don’t know how much use the increased speed as she loses will be, since she’s not tanky and probably can’t stand up to that loss as well as some other monsters, but it can’t hurt.

    I can’t imagine despair/revenge being a bad way to go for her, either. She still has the basic-attack with AoE, which is great. Counterattacking will still have the chance to proc that, I think, so that’s great. But she’ll probably be countering harder, and getting faster for each attack on her.



  • Salden

    Can anyone help me with my line-up? I’m hella confused asto what monsters I should keep T-T

    Magic Knight (Water)
    Minotauros (Fire&Water)
    Phantom Thief (Wind)
    Epikion Priest (Water)
    Fairy (Water)
    Garuda (Light)
    Martial Cat (Fire)
    Bearman (Water)
    Drunken Master (Wind)

    • 1fun1

      Put all you energy into making wind PT and water MK powerful and six stars. The others are food. If you come across water Garuda, wind pixie, or wind griffon form scrolls they are worth six starring. You should farm for light Inugami, Bearman, and Vagabond every Sunday (Hint message people asking to friend if they have the secret dungeons). Each one of these mons is worth six starring

    • Mike

      Wind Epikion Priest isn’t food IMO. Rina is a very nice water tank, even mid to end game.

  • Shnardy

    I have a feeling the voting poll is skewed a little since EVERYONE and their grandma’s got a water one

  • Stiffmeister

    Just a beginner question
    What are the good beginner runes for this magic knight?
    Because it is hard to get a despair or revenge that is 4*

    • Summoner


      • Stiffmeister

        Thank You

  • Stiffmeister

    Good runes for beginner?
    hard to get a despair or revenge 4* runes

  • Tindal

    Hello! First of all, Congratulations for your webpage, it’s really useful and amazingly done. Keep going like that, you have a fan here :D. And i’m sorry to ask you, but where can i get the Revenge runes?.

    Thank you! take care

  • Kaio

    Got the Lanett from the monthly L/D scroll this month. Rune her despair/Blade so far. I am planning to switch to revenge after farming some better runes for her. Even her base speed is just 90 after awaken. However, she has an extra leader skill with 19% increasing speed of all monsters. If use her as a leader, her speed will go up to 107 which is not bad. Her 3rd skill is more like sigmarus which is good against tanky monsters.

  • Gibberish

    Red is under rated by the site.
    2nd skill makes he a 75%chance god for Arena defense and offense.

  • Alex

    Untested rune idea here, shoot me down if I’m wrong but it relies on the assumption that Despair can proc on a revenge proc. If it can’t please let me know so I don’t do this! lol

    Water Magic Knight:
    Despair/Revenge Speed/Attack/Attack (Or Accuracy)

    Last spot would depend on whether or not you are able to get enough accuracy through substats. Every revenge proc would be a chance to stun their entire team since her basic attack is AOE.

    • Travis

      Despair does proc on Revenge. I have Despair revenge spd atk hp and my magic knight solos faimon hell. Don’t let people tell you otherwise

  • toter_rosa_Hase

    I also go with wind mk as best stun:
    1. better base HP is always nice

    2. 2nd water skill is only “multi” target if it kills +u cant chose the target.

    3. 3th wind skill is not only a possible aoe stun but also an aoe att bar reducer with max 6×20% every 3rd turn! Thats a huge benefit for a stun team. Water only has a every 4th turn aoe lifeleach for himself +30% Att Bar for himself but only with a kill.

    4. not that much of a benefit, but still wind can go with Orochi 30% wind Spd leader skill

  • For lapis I use despair and blade or focus : spd atk% and acc


    Dark version is going to be absolutely incredible for Necropolis. Plus update your rating to consider this. I would make her honestly a 4.5 star for dungeons.

    Two Multi-hit abilities
    Two abilities based off enemy’s max HP
    AOE heal
    Anti-Heal Debuff
    AND a Defense ton

    What more could you ask for??

    I will be farming her like crazy during this HoH


      Delete both my posts, i got excited and misread everything haha


    Also Dark’s abilities need updated.

  • qqoopp

    3rd skill is an AoE heal based on enemy max hp <=
    this is not true for the dark version.

    • asdf

      The heal is aoe not the damage…

  • Ronins

    HoH this september. Lanett… I will get one. She is good for dungeon.
    #Ronins #EuropeServer #ch4

  • Yue

    I’m think fire is a good choice than water. Why so many pepople has voted for her. I like the fire version because her third skill would crit so much dame. 1st skill can be small but the last skill is so much good to finish boss.

  • MaleficDjazz

    I’ve runed my Dark magic Knight with Guard, Revenge and Destroy. I have yet to figure out if it works though 😛

    • whysoad

      don’t run Destroy on Dark MK, her damage/heal is based on MAX HP you are essentially taking away from her skill set with the destroy.

  • Matt W

    Question-why do you recommend atk% when she is a defense monster. Her attack is rather low. Why not put def% runes on 4 and 6, and speed on 2?

    • Matt W

      I’m talking about dark MK

  • Alpha

    why not put vamp revenge on her, it will benefit much cause when she is low hp her atk will increase and deal damage and recover high amount. i also have trevor and they are soulmates.. plus poseidon with 33% atk increase and did i mention i got chloe? what a team eh?

  • Jordon

    How about Vio/blade? With Att%/Crit R. (Or CritD.)/Att%?

  • RTboon


    FYI, max HP for 5* is wrong.
    Pls update.

  • Hello Glorious Web Master! I Love this website oh so much and I’m on it like alllllllllll the time but I noticed (if you are still updating this thing, if not I understand, life goes on and gets you caught up in things and neglecting other things) that in the Leaders subcat-of Monsters you have in the Menu Bar… Lapis isn’t mentioned in the Mon’s with Attack Buff Leader Skills… come to think of it… none of the magical knights are i believe O.o

  • Gallie’h

    I just got light MK, what runes for her?

  • Marry

    Water is my best farmer and farmer. Can’t imagine making pass my noob stage without her. With 5 star runes and some speed, she can do tamor in 30 secs. Can do sd in under 2mins couple with wind barb.

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