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An In-Depth Review on My 20 Six-Stars (Part 1)

An In-Depth Review on My 20 Six-Stars (Part 1)

th six-star: Copper, the wind Living Armor. He’s officially completed my “Defense Destroyers” team, featuring Olivia, Copper, Bulldozer, and Randy. I do not have an Imnesty; if I did, there would be five members in their friend group and not four. Anyway, I’m getting side-tracked, let’s get back on topic! I know that this isn’t that big of an achievement for most people, but I’m honestly super proud of myself right now. If you go way, way back into the archives of this forum, you’ll find my first ever article called “Top 10 Hottest Males in Summoner’s War” where I mentioned that I had yet to fuse Veromos. I got off on the wrong foot when I started this game and didn’t get my priorities straight; it took me a little over a year and getting my first Natural 5-star to start fusing him. I would’ve never thought I could get this far, but here we are now. I’ve read a few reviews of people’s six-stars before, and I decided to do one myself! This’ll be divided into two parts, so ten six-stars per article! For context, I’m around mid-game (1:30 GB10, 2:10 DB10, 2:30 NB10, TOAN100 clear monthly, F2 arena weekly) so please be kind to my rune stats; I’m legit trying my best here.


First of all, I really need more water six-stars. I kid you not; these two are the only water six-stars I have.

Sigmarus (Water Phoenix)

Rating: 9/10 Ever since his latest buff, Sigmarus has become basically a miniature Verad, one you can fuse, too. His third skill, Ice Volcano, now freezes people if it lands as a Critical Hit, and it’s an AoE skill, meaning it attacks everyone. Both his second skill, Frozen Orb, and his third skill, also deals damage based off of the enemy’s max HP, too. Basically, Sigmarus is a great water nuker and a good alternative to the water Dragon Verad if you don’t get lucky enough to summon him. Sigmarus is best used in DB10 because of his elemental advantage and high attack power. Runes: Fatal + (Broken Set); ATK%/CRIT DMG%/ATK%

Megan (Water Mystic Witch)

Rating: 8/10 Shannon’s a pretty nice attack buffer, but Megan is the better version of Shannon. I never really used Shannon much; I got my GB10 team stable with Shannon, used her for about a month, and then it was my birthday and I finally summoned Megan. I still have leftover runes on my Shannon, but I just don’t need her. As you can probably imagine, I never six-starred my Shannon. Megan just completely gets rid of the need for Shannon. Yes, if you do use her in GB10, you will need better runes, but unlike Shannon, you can use Megan in GB10, DB10, and the Arena. Her third skill, Spell of Strengthening, increases everyone’s attack and defense for 2 turns, and also increases their attack bar by 20%. In my opinion, sacrificing a turn of buffs for attack bar increase is worth it, because that little push could be enough to make or break a successful run. She’s also great in DB10 because of her second skill, Toad Poison, which removes a beneficial effect from one enemy and blocks beneficial effects for a turn. Though the right tower in DB10 cleanses all harmful effects, if and when it does get Immunity up on the boss, she’ll be able to strip it off – basically making her a backup plan if your Belladeon also fails to strip. Overall, Megan is one of the staple six-star monsters whom you should make as soon as possible. Runes: Swift + Focus, SPD/HP%/Accuracy%


I’m tied at Fire and Wind for whichever element has the most six-stars; both of them have seven.

Verdehile (Fire Vampire)

Rating: 8/10 Now that everyone’s getting a free Verdehile from this new event, I just want to take the time to explain that Verdehile really is a good monster, I swear. I did an article on him a while back about how to build him, but I’m gonna rave about him some more for this article. Basically, his passive skill, “Boiling Blood” is what makes Verdehile so great. For each Critical Hit that he lands, he’ll increase the attack bar of all of his allies by 20%. Because his first skill hits twice, he’ll increase everyone’s attack bar by 40% each time he uses it. Why is this so good, you may ask? It dramatically cuts down the rune requirements needed for the rest of his team to be able to survive a dungeon. It took me about a year to figure this out, but attack bars (the little blue bar below the monster’s HP while in battle) basically tell when your monsters or the enemy monsters get their turn. Attack bar manipulation like Verdehile’s passive skill increases everyone’s attack bar, allowing the rest of the team to get their turn before the enemies get theirs. All you need is 100% Critical Rate, too! The only downside to Verdehile is that he’s really only good in ToA and DB10 – and even then he’s a beast in there. Runes: Violent + Revenge; SPD/CRIT RATE%/HP%

Atenai (Fire Undine)

Rating: 2/10 I think Atenai is legit my only “regret” six-star, no joke. When I first got her from a Legendary Scroll, I was salty because it wasn’t the Chiwu I wanted. Upon looking over her skills, though, I said “hey, she actually look a bit like a budget Chasun” so I started building her. I gave her some halfway decent Violent runes, too. She was also the first monster I fed a Super Angelmon (which, if you don’t know, are monsters that can instantly max out any monster) because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of leveling her up. I could’ve used that Super Angelmon to max out my Frigate you guys. I really only used her for niche purposes, like some ToAH floor levels and R3 during those rare times when I felt like doing raids, but now she just sits on my island. I can’t even say she’s a trophy monster or anything, because she’s not even that rare. Overall, I definitely regret pouring my resources into her, and I’m gonna take her runes off of her next Free Rune Removal. Runes: Violent + Energy; SPD/DEF%/HP%

Colleen (Fire Harpu)

Rating: 7/10 sHE’S SO ADORABLE – So Colleen was one of those monsters where I thought “tch, I don’t see why I should build Colleen, she’s just a two star” Oh, how very very wrong I was, dear reader. So very wrong. Because of her multihits and constant attack buff, Colleen is basically the real MVP of NB10 – a dungeon where, at the boss stage, you have to hit said boss a certain amount of times to break his shield so he could take damage. When fully skilled up, Colleen’s third skill Fiery Dance is on a cooldown of three turns, and it provides attack buff for 3 turns, too. In other words, like Olivia, Colleen really shines once she’s skilled up. (More on Olivia in Part 2.) I haven’t gotten into Raids and the Rift of Worlds yet, but I’m told that Colleen is great there, too. The only reason why she’s not 8/10 or 9/10 is because she really only has those two uses; nothing in PVP or anywhere else. Despite that, I really love Colleen, and you should too. Runes: Violent + Energy; SPD/DEF%/HP%

Baretta (Fire Sylph)

Rating: 5/10 I’ve raved about this guy a few times before. The only reason why his score’s so low is because he’s really usable in Trial of Ascension and maybe a DB10 tower team, but other than that he’s just a cute monster who hangs around on your island and looks hot. That being said, he does shine at Trial of Ascension, and he’s really good there. His skillset, apart from his first skill, meshes so well with the requirements of Trial of Ascension. His third skill, Phoenix’s Fury, breathes fire on everyone and inflicts two Continuous Damage for two turns and his second skill, Turbulence, will completely reset the attack bar of one enemy. If you rune him on Despair, you’ve pretty much covered all the harmful effects needed for ToA. Runes: Despair + Focus; SPD/HP%/HP%

Xiong Fei (Fire Panda Warrior)

Rating: 4/10 A while back, I went through the trouble to fuse him for my NB10 team. He was in the two versions of my NB10 team I’ve went through right now, but he’s going to get replaced soon when I finally decide to get off my butt and six-star Lanett, the dark Magic Knight. I really only use Xiong Fei for the multihits that he brings. He does have a few debuffs and party buffs, but everything he does Lanett does so much better. One of the downsides of using Xiong Fei in your NB10 team is that if he gets stolen, it’ll be really difficult to get him back because of how tanky he is. Overall, I wouldn’t put Xiong Fei in the “regret six-star” category, because I hear he’s pretty good in the Rift of Worlds, but I could’ve chosen someone better to six-star – and, frankly, someone better to fuse. Runes: Violent + Guard; DEF%/HP%/DEF%

Randy (Fire Bounty Hunter)

Rating: 5/10 Randy is a budget Imnesty. I do not have Imnesty, and I was a nooblet when his Hall of Heroes was released, so I’m just going to use my Randy and leave it at that until I do get Imnesty. He’s most known for his third skill, “Ready to Snipe” with increases everyone’s Critical Rate and defense for 3 turns. Like Randy, Imnesty’s third skill also provides these buffs (but for two turns), but the difference is that he fills up the attack bar of an ally to the maximum amount – making it like Olivia’s second skill and Randy’s third skill mixed together. That’s pretty much all that’s to say about Randy; I six-starred him for achievement purposes and to make him survive for longer. Please forgive the Critical Damage on my rune stats for him, as I threw a rune with a good speed substat on him, not caring about the main stat. Runes: Swift + (Broken Set); SPD/CRIT DMG%/HP%

Bulldozer (Fire Frankenstein)

Rating: 6/10 To quote one of the reviews I once saw on the Bulldozer review page; “He’ll punch ya head in mate” Bulldozer’s a sorta niche unit. I mean, he can be used in Guild Wars and the Hall of Light, but other than that and a defense-heavy Arena Offense I don’t think there’s any other use for him. Despite this, I still really like Bulldozer, and he’s one of my hardest-hitting monsters yet. The reason why he’s so good is because of his third skill, Full Power Punch. He’ll strike one enemy twice with every last bit of force in his body, meaning that each hit ignores defense. This attack also scales with his defense, which is why my build for Bulldozer has +1049 defense. However, the consequence for using this skill is that he’ll be stunned for one turn afterwards. (Note: Will runes do work on him and will block the stun if he punches with Immunity on.) Bulldozer may be a niche-unit, but he sure does pack a punch. Pun intended. But seriously, even without my attack and critical damage towers maxed out – towers that, as you could guess, increases your attack power and critical damage everywhere – he once hit a monster for 20k per hit; that’s 40k in total. Needless to say, that monster was totaled, there was no hope for him. It does take a few monsters to properly set up Bulldozer (you’ll need a defense buffer, for starters) but once he’s got that defense buff on, he can wreck. Runes: Rage + (Broken Set); DEF%/CRIT DMG%/DEF% Even though I haven’t put the wind section in yet, I’m going to end this article with my rep monster…

Charlotte (Wind Occult Girl)

Rating: 11/10 Have I ever mentioned how much I love Charlotte, because to me Charlotte is legit the best nat5 in the game, no joke. So she was my first nat5 (as I previously mentioned in this article) and has carried me throughout the entire game. I’m not kidding about that; I had her on some pretty bad runes during my early days but she allowed me to get up to TOAN50 during days when the highest I could farm was GB6. Dragons Lair was around B4, and Necropolis was out of the question. Even today, I still use Charlotte almost everywhere. She’s a part of my GB10 team, my ToA team, and a significant damage dealer in my arena team. She’s so good because of her high base attack, two AoE skills (meaning Despair would be amazing on her) and her third skill decreasing the attack bar of everyone she hits by 30% – and it’s a three-hit skill. Seriously, Charlotte is great. Her low rune requirement and flexibility means you can pretty much take her anywhere. No but really, I actually used her in my starter DB10 team and she did great there. It seems surprising, I know, considering she’s a wind monster, DB10 is fire, and wind is weak against fire. But it actually worked in a team of Verdehile (L), Veromos, Belladeon, Megan, and Charlotte. You don’t even have to give her that much Crit Rate; her leader skill increases all wind monsters’ Critical Rate by 38%, so the Crit Rate of my Charlotte in the screenshot would basically be 86%. Runes: Despair + Blade, SPD/CRIT DMG%/ATK% I hope you guys enjoyed this article, as I certainly enjoyed writing about it! I hope I’ve given you some insight on what monsters I like and why I like them. Don’t click away from the website just yet, though! Part 2’s yet to come as I write this, and I’ll be talking about my other ten six-star monsters! In the meantime, I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!]]>