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Summoners War Battle Map Guide

Summoners War Battle Map Guide

The battle map is where all the fun is. I will be breaking down each section for you briefly.

The map is divided into mainly 3 parts.


The arena is located at the top left of the map. You can fight against other players. You are given 10/10 arena battles and each charge takes 30 minutes to refill. You can gain Glory Points (2-5) depending on your Arena Grade.

Other players can also battle you. You can check the history in the menu to see who has attacked you. You can then choose to take revenge and fight them back. Having high glory points will allow you to earn some cool prizes. Currently, these are the awesome things you can get based on the number of glory points you have:

  • Unknown Scroll – 12GP
  • Mystical Scroll – 240GP
  • Water Scroll – 300GP
  • Fire Scroll – 300 GP
  • Wind Scroll – 300GP
  • Devilmon – 180GP
  • Random Angelmon – 100GP
  • Sanctum of Energy (+Energy Max. Storage)
  • Fairy Tree (+Mana Stone Max. Storage)
  • Mana Fountain (+Mana Stone Production Speed%)
  • Mysterious Plant (+Energy Production Speed%)
  • Crystal Rock (+Arcane Tower Attack Power%)
  • Guardstone (+DEF%)
  • Water Sanctuary (+Water ATK%)
  • Fire Sanctuary (+Fire ATK%)
  • Wind Sanctuary (+Wind ATK%)
  • Light Sanctuary (+Light ATK%)
  • Dark Sanctuary (+Dark ATK%)
  • Ancient Sword (+ATK%)
  • Crystal Altar (+HP%)
  • Sky Tribe Totem (+SPD)
  • Arcane Booster Tower (+Arcane Tower Attack Speed%)
  • Fallen Ancient Guardian (+CRI Dmg%)

 PvE Adventure Map

In the middle of the map, you get go through the game’s adventure quest. Each Area has 7 Stages. As you beat one stage, you get to advance to the next. Each stage will drop specific runes, monsters and also items such as unknown scrolls.

There are 3 difficulty levels. They are Normal, Hard and Hell. Completing the normal dungeon unlocks the next difficulty. The monsters in Hard and Hell are much more difficult. They are higher level, but the good part is that they also drop better runes.

Cairos Dungeon

This is where the tough dungeons are. You have access to all the special dungeons available in the game. All of them provide good items. They usually have 10 difficulty levels. Currently there are 4 major sections.

1) Hall of Magic

The Hall of Magic drops all kinds of essences, ranging from Magic all the way to the different element ones. However, elemental essences are rare to drop. There are specific dungeons to pick up these rare elemental essences.


Monday,Hall of Dark,Essence of Darkness (Low/MID/High)

Tuesday,Hall of Fire,Essence of Fire (Low/MID/High)

Wednesday,Hall of Water,Essence of Water (Low/MID/High)

Thursday,Hall of Wind,Essence of Wind (Low/MID/High)

Sunday,Hall of Light,Essence of Light (Low/MID/High)[/easytable]

Each hall drops its corresponding elemental essences. Each boss also requires a unique strategy to defeat. Doing these dungeons will also occasionally unlock a Secret Dungeon of a certain monster of that element. For example, if you were to do Hall of Fire, sometimes it unlocks a secret dungeon with a monster such as Fire Yeti, which you can fight and collect Summoning Pieces to get it.

2) Secret Dungeon

These are only available when you defeat Hall of Fire, Water, Wind, Light or Dark. It will allow you to acquire a monster of that element. Occasionally on the weekend, special Secret Dungeons will be announced by the game developers. You can acquire 3-5 star monsters for a limited time. They are much harder than your regular monsters.

3) Dragon’s Lair

You have to fight a series of 5 battles and the end boss is a huge powerful dragon. The reward for defeating the dragon is all kinds of rune sets except for Despair runes. It is also one of the few ways to get Vampire runes (Life Drain +35%).

4) Giant’s Keep

This is the best place to get Despair runes (Stun Rate +25%).  You get to fight giants. They hit very hard, but they are quite slow. They also drop all kinds of rare runes except Vampire runes.