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Hall of Magic

Hall of Magic

Hall of Magic is the dungeon where you collect Essence of Magic (Low, MID and High). You have to fight the Keeper of Magic, who does a lot of damage, but is quite squishy.

There are 10 levels in the Hall of Magic, ranging from B1 to B10, with B10 being the hardest. Each level is slightly different and harder than the previous level.

Stage Energy Cost
Keeper Level
B1 4 8
B2 4 10
B3 5 15
B4 5 20
B5 6 30
B6 6 40
B7 6 50
B8 7 55
B9 7 60
B10 7 65

The dungeon has 3 battles total. The first round has Golems at lower levels, B1-B4, and crystals at B5 and higher. On the second round, you will see a mix of golems (fire, water, wind) and 2 crystals.

*Tip – Try to get rid of the crystals first as they do a lot more damage.

The last round will be Keeper of Magic and his 2 towers. He has 3 skills on all levels:

  • Dead Man’s Purification – Attacks all enemies and stuns them for 1 turn by chance. The damage increases as fewer enemies stand.
  • Death Glare – Burns Enemies with a cursed glare and inflicts Continuous Damage for 3 turns with a high chance. (Reusable in 4 turns)
  • Annihilate(Passive) – Get an extra turn if enemy falls. [Automatic Effect]

The left crystal tower always has a single target damaging shot. The right crystal however, varies depending on the stage. Below is a table that shows you the different skills the right crystal has.

Stage Name Skill
B1 Ignore Defense Crystal
Inflicts an attack on one enemy that ignores Defense.
B2 Shock Crystal
Stuns one enemy for 1 turn.
B3 Immunity Crystal
Removes the Harmful effect on the Boss and grants Immunity for 3 turns.
B4 Invincible Crystal
Reduces all the damage on the Boss down to 0 for 2 turns.
B5 Disturb Recovery Crystal
Disturbs the HP recovery of all enemies for 2 turns with a fixed chance.
B6 Weaken Defense Crystal
Decreases the Defense of all enemies for 2 turns.
B7 Strengthen Defense Crystal
Increases the Boss’s Defense for 3 turns.
B8 Weaken Attack Crystal
Weakens that Attack Power of all enemies for 2 turns.
B9 Strengthen Attack Crystal
Increases the Boss’s Attack Power for 3 turns.
B10 Disturb Recovery Crystal
Disturbs the HP recovery of all enemies for 2 turns with a fixed chance.

With a hard dungeon like this, what kind of drops can you expect? Well, below are the possible drops that you could get.

  • Unknown Scrolls – The higher you go, the number of scrolls you get increases
  • Magic Essence (Low) – Drops often in the lower stages (B1-B5). At higher levels, it drops more in quantity.
  • Magic Essence (MID) – Drops from B2 onwards
  • Magic Essence (High) – Drops from B4 onwards and it’s very rare
  • Random Elemental Essence – Drops randomly (Fire, Water, Wind)
  • Mystical Scroll – Rare drop
  • Rainbowmon – Rare Drop
  • Summoning Stone

Hall of Magic Strategy Guide

With the Keeper of Magic being quite squishy, you will want to bring big damage dealers and support healers that can remove status effects.

Stage Strategy
B1 This is pretty straight forward. Bring your damage dealers such as Hellhound and do damage. Not much to say here.
B2 Similar to B1. The Keeper of Magic has low health and you can burst him down easily.
B3 He gets stronger and the right crystal provides immunity for him. Status effects won’t be effective. You can still burst him down easily with attack type monsters. Make sure to bring at least a healer (AoE one if you can).
B4 This is where they take it up a notch and gets harder. The right crystal provides invincibility. You will want to destroy the right crystal ASAP! Once it’s down you can pummel him down. You will need to bring at least 2 healers (Water Fairy/Water Howl/Water Garuda/Fire Undine etc). This is more of a sustain fight. Keep your damage dealers alive. If one of them dies and you trigger his passive (Annihilate) it will destroy your entire party easily.
B5 You will need your monsters to be 4 stars minimum. Starting from this level and higher onwards continuous damage skills are highly effective. This also applies to all the other dungeons. Good choices are awakened Water Imp/Water Reaper/Wind Harpy just to name a few.
B6 Strategy B6
B7 GMO Strategy B7
B8 Schizophrenic Gamer Strategy B8
B9 GMO Strategy B9
B10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U7-yJUWCXQ

Popular Monsters to use so far for B6 and higher seems to be:

3x Water Imp slotted with Focus(Acc%) + Fatal(Crit Rate%) set.

2x support monsters like Neal(Light Fairy), Fire Epikion Priest, Water Garuda, etc.

Battle Map