New Boss Coming Soon!

New Boss Coming Soon!

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Hey Summoners, I am not sure if you guys checked the developer notes…but they have announced a new upcoming change and also a brand new boss similar to Giants and Dragons! Click here for the Necropolis guide!

This is the source from Reddit:

Hi, I’m a developer for Summoners War!

It’s been 2 months since I’ve last reached out to everybody through the Developer’s note. I hope everybody is doing well! I’ve got lots to talk about today, so let’s get started!

▶ New Dungeon First off, let’s talk about the new dungeon, the “Necropolis” and the boss, the “Ancient Lich King”. The Necropolis is a dangerous place, where the dead walk and attack every living life that intrudes the dungeon. The Ancient Lich King harnesses the power of death.

  • Let’s take a closer look at the boss of Necropolis, the Ancient Lich King.
  • Here’s a sneak peek of how he looks!
  • The Ancient Lich King possesses the following skill set.
  • The Ancient Lich King continuously revives, so you must defeat the boss by decreasing the MAX HP. To get through the Soul Barrier, you are required to bring Monsters that attack multiple times. Also, because of the Attack Speed cap, Attack Speed increasing and decreasing skill effects may come in very handy.
  • The Necropolis has 5 phases and will be available at all times just like the Giant’s Keep and the Dragons Lair. You will be able to acquire the higher grade Runes along with the new Rune as well. Let’s see what kind of Runes you may get at the Necropolis.

▶ Necropolis Rewards (Rune Drop Changes) – You can get the following Runes at the Necropolis: Vampire Rune, Nemesis Rune, Shield Rune, Rage Rune and Destroy Rune.

Some users might be wondering why some of these Runes are going to be available at the Necropolis, but there’s a reason to this. After the updates scheduled at late September, the acquirable locations of all Runes are going to be adjusted. Until then, during the v1.7.4 update, the same Rune may be available at multiple locations. Check out the chart below for more details.

We hope that Rune farming will become much more convenient with this adjustment! Now let us move on to the new Rune!

▶ Rune Spotlight: “Destroy” Rune

  • The newly added “Destroy” Rune is a 2 piece set Rune that decreases your enemy’s MAX HP.
  • When attacking the enemy with 2 Destroy Runes equipped, your enemy’s MAX HP will be “destroyed” by the amount of the damage you deal, up to a limit of 4% of the MAX HP. To clarify, the Destroy Rune effect only decreases the MAX HP. However, the decreased HP can’t be recovered until the battle ends.
  • You can only “destroy” up to 4% of the MAX HP at a time, and can “destroy” up to 60% throughout the battle. The MAX HP can’t be decreased lower than 40% of its original value.
  • If you equip multiple Destroy Rune sets, you can apply the “destroy” effect multiple times. If you equip 4 pieces (2 sets), you can “destroy” up to 8% of the MAX HP at a time, and with 6 pieces (3 sets) you can “destroy” up to 12% of the MAX HP at a time.

Please note that the Destroy Rune effect does not apply to bosses. We hope that the addition of this new Rune will bring a whole new set of strategies and creative plays to the game.

That’s about everything I’ve prepared for the new Dungeon and Rune! I hope you’re excited about the upcoming v1.7.4 which will contain the new Necropolis and Destroy Rune. The balancing for the patch is still in progress, so please note that the actual update may turn out to be different from what I’ve shared today.

I hope to talk to everybody soon again. The Summoners War team wishes everybody the best and would like to give thanks for all their love and support. In return, we promise to work hard to provide better service and even more fun content!


PS. Here’s a bonus image we’d like to share. This is an image of content scheduled for the future. What kind of content, you ask? I can’t tell you yet, but I promise to share more information as soon as I can!

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