New Game, New Girl (Chapter One) – Fan Fiction

New Game, New Girl (Chapter One) – Fan Fiction

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Chapter One
Summoner’s Beginnings

“Have you ever heard the story about the Mana Crystal?” Chasun asked, walking alongside her sister and the little girl. The question was directed towards the girl, the daughter of her Summoner. It should be my Summoner, her mother, who should be telling her this story and leading her towards her new island, Chasun said to herself, not me.

“…No!” The bright-eyed little girl looked up at Chasun; her brunette eyes the exact same color as her hair.

“Will you please tell me?” Chasun’s sister, Yeonhong, scoffed slightly. Although she was four, she was always so cynical about everything. Chasun ignored her, though, and continued talking to Sara.

“Are you sure?” She grinned. “It’s reaaaaaally scary!” They reached her new island, and Sara was so deep into Chasun’s story that she didn’t notice Ellia approaching the three.

“…and because he had been a very bad monster for splitting the crystal, that’s why they had to lock Homunculus up!” Chasun finished. The girl’s fan was closed, her orange and red dress trailing off into waves upon waves of silky fabric behind her. She looked up and saw the golden-haired woman coming towards them and stood up.

“Oh look! Your teacher is Ellia!” Sara’s father had gone to school with Ellia during most of his high school days, and had become almost best friends with her. They were so alike; their dreams were to be teachers to new Summoners, and many other things Chasun couldn’t remember. The two would have ended up dating if he hadn’t met Chasun’s Summoner; Sara’s mother. Like Ellia, she had dreams of becoming a teacher to new Summoners.

“You made it!” She shouted, once she was in earshot. “I’ve been waiting for you.” She didn’t need to do her usual “I’m Ellia, and I’ll be assisting you from here on out,” introduction, because she and Durand both knew Sara and her family very well.

“Hi, Ellie!” Sara enthusiastically waved at her. Ellia’s hair had been pulled up into a high ponytail that day, her blue and white uniform crisp and sharp. Although she and Sara’s father never dated, Ellia still stayed a family friend. The blonde smiled when she saw the girl and waved back, quickening her pace into a jog.

“Hi, Sara! How’s my favorite Chimera tamer doing?” It was an inside joke among them; Sara had once been able to hug, play with and even kiss a Taor on the nose within two minutes of meeting him, when, according to the Taor’s Summoner, he was insanely aggressive towards everyone. In his words, “It even took him a year to warm up to me.”

“I’m doing great, Ellie! Guess what! I’m becoming a Summoner!” Of course, Ellia had been informed of it over a month ago; before both her parents had to go overseas to be teachers to Summoners they were assigned to. The couple had to do quite a lot of things that not even Ellia knew, but it was worth it in the end. She pretended to be surprised, though.

“What?! No way!” She gasped, one hand flying to her face.

“It’s an honor to become your tutor, and I’ll do my best until the day that you rule the Arena!” Ellia pointed up at the sky, where the Sky Arena floated, watching over everyone. Sara giggled. Yeonhong glared at the both of them from underneath her gigantic white hat, as if she knew that Ellia was faking.

“If she weren’t becoming a Summoner, you wouldn’t be on her island.” Chasun quickly spoke up before Yeonhong ruined all the fun.

“Sorry that we have to be here instead of her parents; they just got their first Summoners to tutor.” Ellia shrugged.

“Ah, it’s alright. We’ve all been abuzz with excitement, as you came very highly recommended by your father, and then later Durand!” Sara looked up at the woman.

“R-really?! What did Dad and Durand say about me?” Ellia’s blue eyes sparkled as she told Sara.

“They both said that you had smarts beyond your age, and that you were a very quick learner! Oh, speaking of him…” Ellia pulled out a small rectangle, about the width of an iPod and a pale blue color.

“I’ve got a message from Durand!” She tapped on the screen a few times, and a hologram fizzed and buzzed to life in front of them, showing a life-sized image of Durand.

“My friend, you finally decided to join the Arena and become a Summoner!” The redheaded man laughed. His green eyes were always narrow, but he was the first to smile and the first to crack jokes when appropriate.

“I’m glad to hear you’ll be joining our forces. The times have been tough.” Chasun looked up upon hearing his last sentence.

“What’s happened that’s so bad?” Durand continued on after Chasun’s question. Yeonhong was sitting on the ground, not caring if she got her pretty white dress dirty, looking up at Durand’s message.

“You see, the Council of Magicians has many obstacles to overcome. The Arena must be protected at all costs to resolve conflicts and to keep the strong from overpowering the weak.” Chasun broke it down for Sara – or, started to but was cut off when Sara told her she knew what Durand was talking about.

“Although, I wouldn’t object if you were to rise to the top to take it all!” He laughed again – it was a warm, friendly laugh that instantly made people feel comfortable around him.

“That’s the way the world turns, and that means it’s time for you to take control of the reins. I’ll be looking forward to watching your progress!” The message ended, and Ellia smiled at her.

“Sounds like Durand’s putting all of his faith in you! I’ve been running around, preparing here and there, but fixing this place up will be no easy task. Come, come; I’ll show you all around the island!” She motioned for the three to follow her. They did so, and Ellia began her thorough tour of the place, starting with the Mana Pond and the Summoning Circle.

“Every time you summon a new monster, a house themed specifically for them will appear!” Ellia explained. “Of course, there are a few exceptions, such as silver-star monsters and the fact that under certain circumstances, two monsters can share a house!”

“Ooh! So that means lovers can eventually move in together?” Sara asked. Ellia chuckled slightly, her enthusiasm contagious.

“Yeah! Although, you’d have to discuss it with the Council of Summoners and get their permission before you can do so. Luckily, though, you have me, charming Ellia; who can woo Durand into doing anything for her!”

“Where can Sara sleep if she wants to stay in her island for the night, Ellia?” Chasun asked, genuinely curious. Her Summoner had never told anything about this to her. Ellia motioned towards the tower in the middle of the island, carved out of stone and curling all the way up to the blue skies. At the very bottom, there was a pair of doors, made out of red material and adorned with silver.

“She can live in the Arena Defense Tower!” Ellia remarked. Both Chasun and Sara looked at it in awe. Yeonhong was indifferent.

“In there, you can live in the island if you want, fight other people in the Sky Arena, and the Arena Defense Tower even has the ability to let you hear what other people are talking about, all around the world! I’ll show you how to change radio channels later. For now, though, I’ll be taking you to the most important place, the Summonhenge!” The official name for the Summoning Circle was the Summonhenge, but no one except tutors and the Council of Summoners ever called it that. Chasun picked up her little sister off of the ground, where she had once again sat down, and carried her to the circle. It was made out of a dark blue stone, with a glowing triangle in the center and four finger-like stones surrounding it.

“Here, Summoners call upon their monsters for battle.” Out of one of her dress folds, Ellia pulled out a rolled-up piece of paper, held together with a teal string and a similar colored seal.

“I have an Unknown Scroll. Why don’t you summon it now?” She handed it to Sara, who hungrily stared at it.

“I wanna see your summoning abilities!” Sara had seen her father and mother do summonings before, so she knew what to do. Her little red shoes bounced across the grass, flower-print dress billowing out as the breeze changed. She easily broke the string and opened up the paper, where an ancient language greeted her. Sara did not try to read this language, though, and set it down on the triangle, placing her sacrifice, three large, blue crystals, each worth about a hundred of the small gems. Chasun watched as she raised her arms, shouting a strange chant:

Monsters from the deep or from up high,
I call upon you to be my savior, hear my cry!

The crystals dissolved and the words melted off the page. A glow surrounded the summoning circle, and the scroll disappeared, leaving behind a wild dog, its fur a deep red and teeth pointed and menacing-looking – a fire monster. Chasun clapped a little. It was only a two star monster, but it was her first summon and it wasn’t that bad. The dog hopped off of the Summonhenge, circled everyone for a moment, sniffing them and taking in their scent, before yawning and wandering off to explore the island.

“Ahh, the dreaded fire Hellhound, Sieq; a swift, fierce attacker!” Ellia smiled down at her. “Your summoning abilities really are as impressive as they say, despite your age!” She thought for a moment, before she took out a small bag.

“Let’s try something stronger this time. Let’s use some Mana Crystals to perform a Crystal Summon! Using Mana Crystals will allow you to summon powerful monsters – three stars or better!” Ellia let her have a peek inside the bag. Pinkish red crystals glowed inside, and they seemed to all be vibrating slightly, bursting with magic and energy.

“Have your parents done Crystal Summons before?” Sara nodded, and Ellia handed her the bag.

“In that case, I’m sure this will be a piece of cake for you!” She skipped back to the circle and emptied out the bag on the triangle. The crystals fell onto the rock, clattering against one another. Her arms spread out, and she chanted another summoning call. The circle glowed again and the crystals dissolved into light, shaping and forming into something. By the time the summoning ended, a girl levitated slightly above the circle. Her sky-blue hair was loosely tied up at the nape of her neck, her dress, a similar color, made out of hydrangeas. She was three stars, and was the water-element Fairy.

“Good morning, madams!” She smiled, her eyes naturally wide. “My name is Elucia!”

“Wow, that was flawless!” Ellia exclaimed as Sara introduced herself to Elucia. “It’s clear that there’s nothing more for me to teach you about summoning!”

“Next up is the Gateway.” She pointed towards a portal, to the upper left corner of the island. It floated above a platform, a transparent glow spiraling and swirling inside of its round frame.

“You can teleport to battle areas through the Gateway. The energy that’s required for dimensional movement is generated through here, too.” She explained to the girls.

“I’ve prepared a battle practice field in the Garen Forest nearby.” Elucia floated off the Summoning Circle, examining the Battle Gateway.

“Now that we’ve summoned some monsters…how about we have a warm-up?”

A Note from the Author: Heya! This was the first chapter to New Game, New Girl! If you liked my fanfiction, why don’t you go check out some of the articles I’ve written for Summoner’s War? As of this writing, my latest article is A Newbie’s Guide to Fusing Veromos – Part 2: Mikene!

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