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Punisher’s Crypt

Punisher’s Crypt

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It’s been a few years now since we’ve gotten Necropolis B10 (re: like, half a decade I think) and we’ve finally gotten 2 new dungeons: the Steel Fortress and the Punisher’s Crypt! This list is about the Punisher’s Crypt, and what you can expect from it.

Stage Cost Level Element
B1 5 12 Light
B2 5 15 Light
B3 6 20 Light
B4 6 25 Light
B5 7 30 Light
B6 7 40 Light
B7 7 50 Light
B8 8 55 Light
B9 8 60 Light
B10 8 65 Light

You’ll have to fight 4 rounds in each dungeon.

Round Monsters
1 2 Large Crystals and 2 Small Crystals
2 Miniboss and 2 Small Crystals
3 3 Small Crystals and 2 Large Crystals
4 Ancient Punisher and 2 Crystals

She’ll always have the following skills:

  • Dance of Sword: Attacks all enemies and decreases their Attack Bar by 30% each with a 30% chance. This attack cannot be counterattacked.
  • Conviction: Attacks the enemy target 7 times to absorb the Attack Bar by 20% each.
  • Punisher’s Sword (Passive): The skill will be enhanced as follows when the Ancient Punisher gains the designated turn.

5th turn: [Dance of Sword]’s number of attacks will be increased up to 3 times according to Attack Speed.

10th turn: [Conviction]’s damage will be increased up to 100% according to the Attack Speed.

20th turn: All attacks will ignore the enemy’s Defense up to 100% according to the Attack Speed.

[Automatic Effect]

  • Reverser (Passive): The damage received will be decreased up to 70% according to the Attack Speed. In addition, the Attack Bar of all allies will be increased by up to 50% according to each of their Attack Speed when they are attack, and the boss gains a turn instantly when the boss gets Attack Bar decreasing effect. [Automatic Effect]

The left and right crystals will always be the same in each stage.

  • Purification Device – Attacks all enemies to weaken their Attack Power for 2 turns with a 50% chance and removes all harmful effects granted on the boss.
  • Acceleration Device ­– Increases the Attack Bar of another ally with the lowest HP status by 50% and increases the Attack Speed for 2 turns.

What Drops to Expect

You can expect to get the following from each floor:

  • Type Artifacts
  • Conversion Stones

Strategy and Tips

The Attack Speed of the Ancient Punisher is one of the main factors that decide how much damage your monsters take; along with trying to make sure that the battle ends as soon as possible. Monsters that have Speed Decrease are, without a doubt, going to be a necessity in your team if you want to survive.

You won’t be able to use monsters with Attack Bar decreasing effects like Loren, meaning your only real option is to use Attack Bar increasing monsters. As such, Verdehile’s ended up becoming one of the top commodities because his passive means his team is guaranteed to get at least a 40% Attack Bar increase. Unfortunately, putting him on Revenge runes won’t work here.

The team that most people are using consists of:

  • Verdehile (fire Vampire)
  • Raoq (fire Inugami)
  • Fran (light Fairy Queen)
  • Jultan (dark Werewolf)
  • Fire Homunculus

There will be a more in-depth guide coming soon on the site.

Updated on August 26th, 2020