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The Defense Destroyers (Prologue)

The Defense Destroyers (Prologue)

Yup. I’m doing that thing where I start a million fanfictions and finish none of them all over again. Sorry. This one’s actually a fanfiction that I’ve been working on for a little while now; I’ve been sort of plotting out the characters and stuff, but it’s nothing fancy. Reason why I haven’t been making any fanfiction as of late is because I’m actually working on Draft 3 of my novel! It’s going really good nowadays. Anyway, I’ll stop author’s-note-ing and just get on with it.

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Prologue Olivia

…must…consume… The hunger struck Olivia again in powerful waves. It was so painful she nearly fell over as her stomach growled. Her breathing became sharp and hushed; each breath so difficult. She needed to eat. She had to eat. She thought she would die from this painful hunger if she didn’t. With great effort, Olivia finally stood up; the hand that did not hold her katana was pressed up against the soft flesh of her lower abdomen. The rumbling in her stomach did not fade, instead growing worse with each passing second. Oh, why did she have to have this insatiable craving…? Life would be so much easier if she were normal, like all the other monsters on her island. …hun…gry… Without a word she advanced forward in the island, looking around. Ah, there was Megan. She was asleep, leaning against a tree. Olivia didn’t want to feed this wicked part of her, but she had to. She couldn’t starve it out; doing so would meant that her fragile body would starve too, and she would keel over and close her eyes for the final time, never to be seen again. For as long as she could remember, Olivia had always been like this. She knew that it was a horrible thing to do, but she had to. Her body needed it; otherwise she wouldn’t have been here for this long. She tried to lay low about her problems, only feed into it when necessary…but it was the “when necessary” part that terrified her about herself. It had been a month, maybe two, since she had last satisfied this urge inside of her. A Neostone Agent is meant to be graceful, but show no mercy. Olivia did not show mercy to herself; she would starve herself of the meat she so desperately needed until the very last second, and when she felt as if she were about to faint was when she gorged herself. No matter how much of regular monster food she ate, it wasn’t nearly enough. She had to do this. …need…flesh… Megan woke up with a gurgling scream. Olivia pushed her free hand onto Megan’s mouth, both silencing her screams and tilting her head up to expose her neck some more. Olivia sank her teeth into the warm flesh again, tearing out a good sized chunk. Blood splattered all over her clothes, but she couldn’t seem to care at the moment. To Olivia, Megan’s blood and flesh was a mix of delightfully sweet and sour at the same time. Megan tried to scream in pain again, but the combination of her fatal wounds and Olivia keeping her quiet made her cries for help futile. Olivia ripped another succulent piece of flesh out, this time from Megan’s arm. The flavor of her blood rolled around on Olivia’s tongue as she swallowed the liquid and her meat, intending to take as much off of Megan’s bones as she could. A shrill scream, however, snapped Olivia out of her feeding. The blonde woman looked up, to see the Summoner rapidly backing away from her and the corpse of Megan. His eyes were wide, and the look in them showed primal fear. Fear for his life, because of Olivia. Instead of shame, which would be what you would expect from her, Olivia just felt…indifference. This was far too normal to her,, all because of her disgusting requirement for the flesh of monsters. “Get away from me, you freak!” He yelped. Olivia had grown used to the torment and the fear, but it still stung to hear the human who once trusted her now calling her a freak. She deserved it, though. She was a freak. This is why you have no friends, Olivia. She internally sighed to herself. Olivia usually ate all her friends or drove them away. She expected nothing less. The process took less than an hour. By the end of an hour, Olivia no longer belonged to her Summoner, nothing more than a nomad now. Two of his monsters, Veromos and Mo Long, escorted her off the island – that is to say, they both grabbed her by the arms and pulled her towards the Energy Gateway. Olivia didn’t try to struggle, staying perfectly still. By now she knew better than to make a fuss. It would just be a futile attempt to delay the inevitable. They punched some random coordinates into the Gateway. The blue light filling the circle up began to glow brighter, indicating it was ready for use, and Olivia was thrown in. They didn’t care where she ended up; just as long as she was gone from the Summoner’s island. Olivia closed her eyes and braced herself for anything. If she were really unlucky she’d end up in Faimon Volcano. She flew out of the portal, where she skidded on the ground, colliding with the hot sand of the deserts. Olivia knew from instincts that this was Tamor Desert. Surprisingly, she was relieved to be in Tamor Desert. She knew that there were towns scattered across the area. There she could temporarily find sanctuary and perhaps an extra meal or two to curb her hunger for at least a little while. She stood up, brushing the sand off of her clothes, and started walking; katana in hand. This was going to be…interesting, to say the least.
The Consumer was fairly well known now – perhaps to the point of even becoming a terrifying legend. For two years now, monsters in various towns all over Mystica were found, torn to pieces; obviously by one of the more human monsters. The places where the chunks of flesh were taken were obviously done by human teeth. There was no chance of a Werewolf or Vampire being The Consumer. Olivia felt flattered the world was making an urban legend about her. Much to Olivia’s surprise, she had yet to be summoned after her latest incident. Olivia briefly wondered if she had been eternally marked as a monster whom no one wanted. Some monsters were like that; they were so useless or horrible in the eyes of the gods, the Summoners, that no one wanted them. Monsters like Vanessa were one of those kinds. Poor Vanessa tried her best to be loved by someone, anyone, but in the end she lived as a hotel keeper in some town in Garen Forest. Nowadays Olivia just traveled around Mystica, going from place to place and living in peace for about two months, maybe three if she could starve herself for long enough. Once again, she only ate the sweet, yet bitter flesh of the monsters when she absolutely had to. While the small town nearby the Cairos Dungeon screamed and gaped at the crack of dawn over the decaying, week-old body of a Veromos who had been eaten by The Consumer, Olivia stalked away without a sound. Two years. Two years without a Summoner. Olivia felt painfully lonely. She’d like to have a friend, one to travel with her and wouldn’t judge her…one who maybe, just maybe, would be exempt from her urge to devour all life. That would be nice. Olivia looked up at the stars without faltering her pace; the tiny pinpricks slowly fading away at the sun arose as it always did in its endless cycle. Tears pricked at her eyes, and under her breath, she wished that she wouldn’t be so alone. …The Consumer has gone on for far too long. They must fall as I did. Pandora hated The Consumer. She didn’t even know his or her identity. Pandora didn’t even know if The Consumer was even a monster. She hated them. She knew very well of their existence, though. Pandora had seen one of the corpses, long ago. This one had been eaten straight to the bone, and even then the bones of poor Maruna’s arms had been snapped open to suck the marrow out of them. She had tried to tell someone about her discovery, but no one knew she was there; she felt like nothing but a soft breeze as she screamed endlessly about The Consumer striking again. The monsters in the town found out soon enough, anyway, but they could have found the girl sooner and given her a proper burial, instead of the shallow grave The Consumer had dug for the young woman. Pandora mused to herself that ever since she became a spirit she had become a lot more hateful. She didn’t seem to care, though. She had someone to target her anger out; someone who deserved the anger and the hatred. For the first time in a decade, Pandora felt almost corporeal. She looked at herself in the shimmering lake water in Aiden Forest. Even in the pale moonlight, she could see herself; just barely. It was better than what she had been before. She wasn’t able to see her reflection before. Pandora wondered why her hatred grounded her in reality. Her hair fell in white, soft waves; covered mostly by a black hat. Pandora’s face was young, twisted with hatred. Her tattered navy blue robes flicked in the wind as she turned away and began to drift aimlessly. It would be a bit difficult not to be noticed by The Consumer now that she just barely had an image, but it would have to do.]]>