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A Newbie's Guide to Fusing Veromos: Part 5 (Veromos & GB10)

A Newbie's Guide to Fusing Veromos: Part 5 (Veromos & GB10)

If this is your face upon seeing this post, because there’s still another part of your long and horrible quest on fusing Veromos, don’t worry! Wipe that sadness off of your face, because you did it! Your main quest is complete, and now I’m just helping you out with the last little part! You got Kumae, Mikene, Argen, Akia and you finally fused the dark Ifrit Veromos. Great job! You’ve just completed half of what people call the “tutorial” of the game. The second half is creating a stable GB10 team. This is going to be one of your biggest achievements in the game, and it’s surprisingly easy if you know what you’re doing. First off, though, we’re going to start with how to rune your new cleanser, Continuous Damager, and AoE (multihit, or in Veromos’ case, everyone) stunner all bundled into one monster. In this section, I’ll be talking about early game rune builds, mid-game and end game.

Building Your Veromos’ Runes

Of course, you’re going to want to rune up, awaken and max out this bad boy before you do anything big. I’ll be starting with the rune builds. Early-Game. This is the part of the game you’re in. You usually don’t hit mid-game until around the time you can safely farm DB10 and have sped up your GB10 team quite a bit. The go-to early game build for Veromos is Swift and Energy/Focus. The main stats on slots 2, 4, and 6 should be, in order, Speed, HP% and HP%. You want Veromos to have as much HP and to be as fast as possible, as his first skill’s damage scales off of his speed and his second skill his HP. In order to get the best rune sets possible at your stage, I’d highly recommend only putting runes that are four stars and above on him. Over time, you’ll be improving his runes (along with the runes of all your other monsters) so don’t worry about it being too perfect. Some rules of thumb for starting out and in general, though, are:
  • That the main stats on slots 2, 4, and 6 shouldn’t be flat, with the exception of speed, because you can’t get SPD%. Don’t worry about slots 1, 3, and 5’s main stats, as they’re fixed (e.g. Slot 1 will always be flat ATK, slot 5 flat HP, and slot 3 flat DEF.).
  • The substats on your other runes should have some HP%, SPD and possibly Accuracy, if you can get your hands on it.
  • The maximum needed accuracy for GB10 in order to land the most amount of Continuous Damage on the boss and stuns on the waves before the boss is 45%.
  • Don’t try looking for any HP% runes that have HP% substats, or SPD runes with SPD substats, as that will not happen.
  • Veromos is actually pretty squishy, having less base HP than Verdehile, and his second skill scales off of his max HP, so ehe more HP you can get on this guy, the better.
Mid-Game. As I write this, I’m around this point. I haven’t sped up my GB10 team yet, I’ve got a mostly safe DB10 Tower Team (Verdehile(L), Veromos, Eladriel, Chloe and Belladeon) and am working to turn it into a face team by fusing Sigmarus. Around this time, you’ll be switching your Veromos from Swift to Violent. Do keep the Energy or the Focus runes on him, though, as he’ll still need it. As of right now, my rune build for my own Veromos is Violent and Focus, with SPD/HP% and DEF% because finding the elusive slot-6 Focus rune with HP% on it is apparently too difficult. I don’t know everything there is to know with what rune substats are going to merge/clash with the monster you’re putting them on, so forgive me if my advice on runes here start to get a little flaky. End-Game. I have personally not yet experienced this part of the game yet, as it’s mostly about getting your Homunculus, making speed teams for GB10, DB10 and NB10 and multiplayer content. I am told, however, that Focus and Energy start to become less useful on your Veromos at this point along with, unfortunately, Veromos himself. However, some people still use him at this point in the game, and they’re making their Veromos’ rune builds have Violent and Nemesis runes, with, of course, SPD/HP%/HP%. That’s enough with the confusing jabbering about rune builds and whatnot, because up next is grinding to awaken and max out Veromos.

Leveling Up, Awakening and Maxing Out

Awakening Veromos will be the most tedious awakening that you’ll be doing so far in the game. He’s a natural five-star, and will take the most essences to awaken, but you better get used to it, because soon enough you’ll be doing this with almost every natural five star that you get. His awakening essences are: 20 High Dark Essences 10 MID Dark Essences 15 High Magic Essences 5 MID Magic Essences I imagine that this will take you at least a month (As it took me about a week, due to me being a lot farther in the game than I should have been when I finally fused this guy) to awaken him. Trust me, though, it is totally worth it. His awakening bonus will increase his accuracy by 25%, and as I’ve mentioned, you need accuracy; 45% for GB10, and 55% for DB10. For now, though, just stick with the 45% accuracy. Leveling him will also be really tedious, so I highly recommend using EXP Boosters and friends’ reps in Faimon Hell 1. When you’ve gotten him to his max level, you can continue on to your GB10 team, or, you can six-star him. I’m about to say something that might be considered controversial, but please bare with me for a moment and hear me out. Veromos and Belladeon should be your first two six-stars, Veromos being the first monster that you should completely skill up with weekly Devilmon from the Arena Glory Shop. Do not six-star your farmer first, like everyone else says. Lapis, when on the Vampire and Revenge runes you get from Reina, can easily farm Faimon Hell 1 at only five-stars, not to mention its far better to use strong friend reps. When you take a maxed out monster and a not-maxed out monster with you to a scenario, despite the maxed out monster already being unable to receive any more EXP, will still take half of the EXP that you get. Friend reps, on the other hand, do not take any EXP, so the not-maxed out monster will get all of the EXP, like they did that round of the scenario themselves. (Controversial opinion over; please proceed!) Levels 30-40 are going to feel like it’s near impossible to complete. By this point, Veromos has gotten to the point where 7800 something EXP won’t even put a dent in his EXP bar. This is why I recommend using an EXP booster. Even then, it’ll take a while. My latest six-star, Verdehile, was six-starred on July the 3rd and was just maxed out today (July the 22nd as I write this) but then again, I stopped working on leveling him up at around 38. He is safe to use in GB10 at around level 30 and six-starred, though, but I’d still highly recommend keep on trying to max him out in between all the GB10 runs you’ll be doing. Speaking of that…

GB10 and You

You’ve finished awakening Veromos, he’s six-stars, hopefully at around level 25 or something, and has had a few Devilmons + some good runes invested into him, but now you’re asking: Where do I use him? Good question, I respond with! Veromos is really helpful in nearly every PvE place you think of, but we’ll be focusing on GB10. I’m currently using part of the safe GB10 team, which is Veromos, Belladeon, Shannon, Bernard and + 1. I’m assuming you’ve at least manual cleared GB10 at least once. But I haven’t! You tell me, to which I rub my hands and respond with: “ALRIGHT! I can see, that I will have to teach you how to do: GIANTS!” /meme My team’s Veromos, Belladeon, Eladriel, Charlotte and Frigate, but you’re probably not going to be able to get any of my monsters early-on unless you’re really lucky. That’s enough about me; here are the stats + runes that your monsters should have. I’ll also be going into why each part of the team is important and what their role in your team will be. Veromos – Ahh, the guy you’ve been working so hard at fusing for the past month or so now. Better get used to it, because you’ll be doing it five times soon enough (Baretta, the upcoming light fusion, Sigmarus, Katarina and Xiong Fei). This guy should be the leader of your team – his leader skill grants an additional 33% increase in everyone’s HP. Veromos should be the fastest monster on your team, six-starred, and at least level 30. It would also be optimal for him to have at least 15,000 HP in total (base stats + runes) and have a few Devilmons invested into him. Most people say that Bernard should be the fastest monster on your team, but in your case, when you’re just starting out, it’s okay for him to go second or third. Being the fastest thing alive only truly matters during late-game, when you’re concentrating on arena stuff. His role in your team will be almost everything useful. He’ll be cleansing debuffs off of your team, which is important at the boss because he has a crystal that breaks everyone’s defense, hence why he should be fast. Veromos will also be your main attacker, applying Continuous Damage to the boss, which will be where most of the damage will be applied on the boss. The stuns on his second skill will be for the waves before the boss, as the giant is immune to stuns, sleep and freeze effects. Optimal runes will be, as we’ve discussed, Swift and Energy/Focus with SPD, HP% and HP% and some accuracy substats while you’re at it. Belladeon – One of, if not the best monsters that you need to get ASAP. Bealldeon is the light Inugami, and has nearly everything that you need. She has two-turn defense break on one enemy, can seize all beneficial effects off of an enemy, and can heal your entire team by 30% (If she isn’t fed any skill ups) and that same skill will increase the party’s attack bar by 30%. Her role will be to go either second or third after Veromos gets his turn. She’ll also be breaking defenses, stealing buffs from enemies and healing. Rune her, like Veromos, with Swift and Energy/Focus, with all HP%, or some SPD in slot 2. Mine has Swift and Energy, making her a tank, and, unfortunately, lacking accuracy for consistent defense breaks and buff-steals. Considering switching her to Focus and getting her better runes. It’s generally considered that having over 20,000 in total (base HP + rune HP stats) is optimal for monsters that aren’t of the wind attribute in GB10. Shannon – I mentioned in Part 3 that most of you have probably fed Kacey to her wind sister, Shannon. If you haven’t got a Shannon, then go get one and awaken her; heck, you literally get a Shannon for free from Reina’s Missions and are told to use her in GB10. Shannon is considered the slightly worse version but more easily obtainable version of Megan, the water Mystic Witch. However, we won’t be talking about her, but instead Shannon. When you first get her (unawakened), you’re going to look at her and sneer: “Why is this two-star monster essential to GB10?” After all, she’s squishy, has only two skills, and not to mention she’s only two stars. However, the real fun begins when she’s awakened. She’ll gain a new skill, called Pep Talk. With it, all members of her team will have their attack power and defense increased for three turns, which, as you will learn, will be essential if you want to survive the Giant’s counterattacks. Her second skill, Decelerate, will also be needed during the final stage of GB10, as the Giant is slow, and slowing him down even further might just give you an extra opportunity to heal or cleanse. Skilling her up is incredibly easy, too, so you’ll have her fully skilled up in no time. Early-game Shannon should be fast and tanky – runed with Swift and Energy, SPD/HP%/HP%. You want a lot of HP on her for her to survive the Giant’s attacks; at least 15,000 in total, along with a lot of defense. I don’t know about mid-game or end-game runes, but I’m told that Despair and Nemesis is a viable option for Trial of Ascension during late-game. P.S. Did you know my mom’s named Shannon? P.P.S If you’re reading this, hi, Mom! Bernard – Gotta go fast! Bernard is the wind Griffon and is very useful as an attack bar booster – or as I call it, a speedy-speedier – during all parts of the game. His third skill will be speeding up allies (though you don’t need to have your Bernard be super fast if you’re just doing GB10), second skill defense and attack breaking. He should be runed with Swift/Focus, with SPD/HP%/HP%. He also needs 45% accuracy for his debuffs to land on the Giant; as that’s the accuracy keep at Giant’s Keep. The Dragon’s Lair is 55%, but you won’t be using him there. Speed recommendation is around 150 in total, his base speed being 111. Of course, his maximum HP should be around 15,000. P.S. Did you know I actually have a family friend named Bernard in real life? P.P.S. If you’re reading this, hi, Bernard! + 1 – As mentioned before, your +1 can be anything, though many people suggest Darion or Dias, as they can cut the damage your team takes. Because the possibilities are endless (For example, I’d suggest Grego to my friend, because she got that early on, while another friend’s +1 would be Artamiel, etc.), I’m not going into how to rune your +1; that’s for you to figure out. This concludes the end of my guide to fusing Veromos. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, as I certainly have been enjoying writing it. Enjoy your new Veromos and GB10 team, because I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll be seeing you in the next article!]]>