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10-Year Special Summon Rate Up – These monsters should be in your list! [Tierlist]

10-Year Special Summon Rate Up – These monsters should be in your list! [Tierlist]

A new special Summon was just released yesterday. In the next three weeks, we’ll be able to increase the summoning rate of certain monsters by a little bit. The best part is that we’re creating the list of monsters ourselves! This includes light and dark 4- and 5-star monsters. It’s a unique opportunity, so let’s check it out.

How to make your selection?

We know everyone has a different pool of monsters already. Different play styles and the focus on different content also makes the choices for your personal special summon list highly individual. For that reason, we can only give you an estimate of what to consider, but we can’t give you a list of monsters that fits your individual Summoners War account.

As a reference, we took our Tierlist from the “Selective Summon Event” that happened just some weeks ago. It’s a good idea to check it out, too. You can find it here.

First things first: figure out what your main focus is in Summoners War. Are you just starting out and about to build your next dungeon team? You’re already playing at high ranks in the real time arena, but still struggling with ToA Hell and the Challenge of Ascension? Or maybe your main focus is Siege Battle, and you really want to build new offenses and defenses? It doesn’t matter what your goal is, just make sure you know what you want to achieve next. Once you know that, you’ll know where to start looking.

Best monsters to pick for the Special Summon [Tierlist]

Here are some monsters that are generally good in one or more areas of the game:

Leo – Wind Dragon Knight

You can use him in RTA, Siege, and Arena. His unique passive skill makes him a popular monster. You can read our Monster Spotlight to learn more about Leo.

Bolverk – Water Lightning Emperor

With Bolverk, you’ll have less trouble in Hell mode of the Trial of Ascension. He’s also a great offense for Siege Battle, along with Amelia and Mo Long.

Tiana – Wind Polar Queen

Tiana is the only monster that can do a 100% guaranteed AOE strip. She’s a great choice for cleave teams in Arena and Siege Battle, and she can even be built multiple times.

Feng Yan – Wind Panda Warrior

Also known as the “unfair bear” because he can take on an entire team by himself. He’s a great addition to Leo and can be used in Siege Battle, Arena, and RTA.

Cheongpung – Wind Art Master

There are lots of ways to use CP. You can use it in Arena, RTA, Siege Battle, and Trials of Ascension. His skills bring a lot to the battlefield, what makes him very versatile.

For your 4-star monster selection it’s recommendable to choose the ones you not already have. In case you don’t miss any water, fire or wind monster, you should choose monsters, that can be used as skill-ups. Keep in mind that some monsters can be used as skill-ups for 5-star monsters as well. This includes for example the monsters from the Witcher and the Assassin’s Creed collaborations, Cannon Girl, Vampire and Sky Dancer, just to name some. It is also possible to select fusion monsters, to save yourself the time and resources to level and evolve them. Of course for the light and dark 4-star monsters, this is a bit of another story.

What about the Light and Dark monsters?

This is the first time we’ll be able to select one 4- and 5-star from light and dark each, to increase their summon rate slightly. We already had a lucky guild mate who summoned his selected Dark 5-star, Nephthys! The choice here is a bit harder, as you probably don’t have that many of them yet.

For the natural 4-star monsters, these are our top 5 picks (listed in no specific order):

Leah – Light Blade Dancer

Leah is a great cleave unit for your arena offense and maybe also for Siege Battle. Thanks to her passive, the damage is increased up to 200%, depending on the speed difference between her and the enemy.

Kinki – Light Onimusha

Even after Kinki’s recent nerf, he’s still a solid unit in the game. You can see a lot of Arena and Siege Battle defenses with Kinki as a tanky, robust, damage dealer.

Betta – Dark Mermaid

A great supporter to heal and revive your team. The AOE Anti-Crit and Immunity buff also gives your team more sustainability, especially in Siege Battle but also in the newer Challenge of Ascension.

Robo-F29 – Dark ROBO

This Robo is a great AOE stripper that can also deal decent damage, if you build it that way. You can use it in RTA and Siege Battle to strip and control your enemies.

Tilasha – Dark Undine

This is a must-have for every Leo and Ragdoll player in RTA. Tilasha is a budget Vivachel and could be a great pick for your list if you missed her in the recent Hall of Heroes.

Just a heads-up: Some light & dark 4-star monsters will be available in the upcoming Hall of Heroes. You can find the full list of all upcoming Hall of Heroes from the 10 anniversary event here Additionally, the Dark Steel Commander, Evan, will be in the next Hall of Heroes, available from June 14th to June 16th

For the light and dark 5-star monsters, you probably have your dream monster in mind already. If you’re still looking for some inspiration, here’s our selection of the top light and dark 5-stars to consider (listed in no specific order):

Nephthys – Dark Desert Queen

If you pick Nephthys, you’ll already have a 24% speed lead. You can also apply defense break, heal block, glancing and silence on all enemies. Thanks to her passive, this can’t be resisted by the enemies.

Maximilian – Dark Weapon Master

He’s a very strong cleave monster that brings his own speed lead and AOE defense break with him. He deals multiple hits, spreads a lot of debuffs and absorbs the attack bar of his enemies. Fights against Maximilian often end quickly.

Lucifer – Light Demon

Lucifer is a great choice for anyone with a Leo. Their passive skills complement each other perfectly, making them ideal Arena and RTA.

Tian Lang – Light Panda Warrior

He is one of the most desired light 5-stars because of his unique passive. Whenever the attack bar of any monster is increased through a skill, he decreases the effect by 50% and gets 15% attack bar himself. His first and second skills can deal good damage and apply a defense break.

Ragdoll – Dark Dragon Knight

Ragdoll is another great addition to a Leo comp. For every critical hit against your team, Ragdoll pushes your team’s attack-bars by 10% and he also reflects 15% of the damage he receives. He’s a great bruiser for second-turn teams.


Whatever you choose for your personal Special Summoning list, we wish you the best of luck and hope you can enjoy all the 10th anniversary events.