Fusion Hexagram

The Fusion Hexagram is a building that allows you to fuse 4 and 5 star monsters. You will have to sacrifice 4 lower grade monsters in order to get 1. Below are the required recipes that are available for players. All monsters used for fusion must be awakened.

Monster Ingredients Cost (Mana)
4★ Water Undine Gruda [4★ Water Bearman from Secret Dungeon]
Hemos [4★ Water Grim Reaper from Mystical Scrolls]
Anduril [4★ Wind Inferno from Secret Dungeon]
Cogma [4★ Fire Imp from Unknown Scroll]
4★ Fire Sylph Fao [4★ Fire Serpent from Mystical Scrolls]
Mei [4★ Fire Martial Cat from Mystical Scrolls]
Sharron [4★ Water Magical Archer from Secret Dungeon]
Lukan[4★ Wind Salamander from Tamor Desert]
4★ Water Ninja Icaru [4★ Water Inugami from Garen Forest]
Kahn [4★ Water Griffon from Secret Dungeon]
Dagorr [4★ Wind Bearman from Secret Dungeon]
Tantra [4★ Fire Yeti from Unknown Scrolls]
4★ Fire Joker Garoche [4★ Fire Werewolf from Vrogafus Ruins]
Cassandra [4★ Fire Magical Archer from Secret Dungeon]
Kuhn [4★ Water Golem from Secret Dungeon]
Chichi [4★ Wind Howl from Unknown Scrolls]
4★ Wind Nine-tailed Fox Prilea [4★ Wind Harpy from Kabir Ruins]
Hina [4★ Wind Amazon from Secret Dungeon]
Kahli [4★ Fire High Elemental from Vrofagus Ruins]
Konamiya [4★ Water Garuda from Unknown Scrolls]
4★ Wind Vampire Iron [4★ Fire Living Armor from Ferun Castle]
Eintau [4★ Wind Minotauros from Chiruka Remains]
Velfinodon [4★ Wind Lizardman from Mystical Scrolls]
Kacey [4★ Water Pixie from Unknown Scrolls]
4★ Fire Succubus Ramira [4★ Water Harpy from Mystical Scrolls]
Nangrim [4★ Fire Beast Hunter from Mystical Scrolls]
Krakdon [4★ Fire Salamander from Faimon Volcano]
Seal [4★ Wind Harpu from Unknown Scrolls]
4★ Wind Kung Fu Girl Hiva [4★ Wind Grim Reaper]
Zephicus[4★ Wind Charger Shark]
Raoq[4★ Fire Inugami]
Fynn[4★ Water Imp]
4★ Water Horus Shailoq [4★ Water Serpent]
Nubia[4★ Water Mummy]
Ragion[4★ Wind Golem]
Sieq[4★ Fire Hellhound]
5★ Water Phoenix Arang [5★ Wind Nine-tailed Fox]
Jojo [5★ Fire Joker]
Susano [5★ Water Ninja]
Mina [5★ Water Martial Cat from Mystical Scrolls]
5★ Wind Valkyrja Baretta [5★ Fire Sylph]
Mikene [5★ Water Undine]
Arang [5★ Nine-tailed Fox]
Shakan [5★ Wind Werewolf from Mystical Scrolls]
5★ Dark Ifrit Argen [5★ Wind Vampire]
Mikene [5★ Water Undine]
Akia [5★ Fire Succubus]
Kumae [5★ Dark Yeti from Secret Dungeon]
5★ Fire Panda Warrior Qebehsenuef [5★ Water Horus]
Ling Ling[5★ Wind Kung Fu Girl]
Akia[5★ Fire Succubus]
Geoffrey[5★Fire Viking]

These fusions do take quite a bit of work, but some are really worth it. My recommendations are:

Fire Sylph – A good speed leader and great AoE as well.

Water Phoenix – A good damage dealer, which the water element lacks.

Dark Ifrit – Ability to heal and remove harmful effects is too good to pass up.

Here is a fan made fusion chart by Aldares.

Fusion Hexagram Updated